CfnmTV – Love Letters 4

Ms Robenshaw rules with a rod of iron. She believes that firm discipline is what’s required to keep unruly pupils in check. When she discovers Liam with a board marker shoved up his arse she immediately blames the lad himself and punishes him accordingly. Meanwhile the real culprits – Nicole and Ashley – giggle with glee at getting away with it!
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CfnmTV – Love Letters 3

Ms Robenshaw’s remedial classes are usually something that Nicole and Ashley would avoid at all costs. But today something wonderfully exciting has happened. Having caught Liam passing notes, the teacher has dragged him up to the front of the class and allows the schoolgirls to take advantage of him. The poor boy has never been so terrified in his entire life!
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CfnmTV – Thug`s Lesson 3

At the women’s mercy and crawling around on the floor all fours Kirk is both ashamed and terrified. With the assistance of Mrs Casement, the doctor and Dawn are determined to show him the error of his ways – no matter what the cost to his dignity.
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American Mean Girls – Trampled Til Broken

Sometimes My slaves need to be absolutely BROKEN to remind them of their place in My QUEENDOM. And one of the best ways to do that is to TRAMPLE them underneath your feet- while wearing stiletto heels, of course.
I have My beautiful guards bring the subject out and place it into a bowing position for Me- so I can simply walk up its body in My stilettos and take My seat upon my throne. This one has forgotten its EXTREMELY low place in life and it is about to be taught a lesson…the hard way.
The slave is eventually placed into position on the floor so I can use it as a Royal trample mat for My feet. But of course I let My guards get into it and has some fun trampling its flesh as well! In fact, eventually We all stand on it to remind it of his place- beneath ALL women!!
The slave actually DID “break” during filming of this and you can hear it beg for Us to “stop, please!” toward the end of the video! LOL!!!
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Cum Countdown – You’re Just Giving Me Your Money

How do you feel being relegated to a human wallet? An atm machine for Goddess Nikki to drain at her whim.You are powerless to stop her financial exploitation because she is just so gorgeous, and she knows that. Which is why she is ruthless with paypigs like you, taking every dollar you earn while dangling the hope of orgasm reward.
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Female Worship – Just Keep Licking Right There

It doesn’t take long for Helena’s man to find the right spot. After all he is used to frequently orally serving her at all times of the day. Now he needs to get comfortable and keep licking until she is satiated.
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Subby Hubby – My Stepmom Loves Big Black Cock

Adam explains his situation with his stepmom to his friend Scorpio, who agrees to fuck the stepmom to keep Adam out of trouble. But he is quite surprised to walk into the bedroom and find Adam, locked in chastity, sitting next to his stepmom, But Scorpio goes ahead and gives the stepmom a powerful fucking while Adam can only stare at how a real cock can fuck a woman. When Scorpio cums all over the stepmom’s chest, she orders Adam to lick it up – right in front of his friend! This clip is part of the movie “My Stepmom Loves Big Black Cock.”
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Clubdom – Nadia and Goddess Valora StrapOn Fucking

Goddess Valora and Goddess Nadia White are ready to use their huge black strap on cocks to destroy their slave’s tight man pussy. The Goddesses force their slave’s mouth over their huge cocks so they can fuck his ass easier. When their slave gets used to getting pegged by the strap on cock, Goddess Valora pulls out their friend, Tiny, before shoving it up the slave’s ass.
Tags: Strap-on, strapon, Goddess Valora, Nadia White
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Clubstiletto – Fucked or Fucked Up by the Facecrusher

Goddess Samantha can only go so long before she has to slip into her alter ego The Facecrusher. She knows worthless men have to be terminated under Her magnificent ass for their evil deeds. Her victim might be an okay guy but he is collateral damage for the evil things men do collectively. Unfortunate maybe, but what a way to go, just drift away while her magnificent ass crushes you to dust. Her latest victim thinks he is special, there only to help her work on her ass smothering skills so she can deal with other men, and that she might even fuck him, but he is about to find out that he will only be fucked up, just like the rest of them. Kick and scream into Samantha’s ass, no one can hear you! A nice mix of Face sitting and chest sitting in this one.
Mistress: Goddess Samantha
Category: Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Bbw, Chest Sitting, Big Tits, Facesitting, Samantha, Facecrusher, Smother, Chestsitting
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Goddess Foot Domination – Worship My Spandex Covered Ass and Barefeet

Goddess Briana is home after a long day of beating slaves, and needs her loyal foot fetish slut.She knows how much you love her delicious feet and her incredible body in all spandex. Her bare tattooed feet look so appetizing, but she instructs you to go slowly. Kiss every toe, each inch of her feet. She even indulges you, letting you touch her legs through the smooth spandex, before making herself comfortable. She tells you what a good slave you are, and how good it feels to come home to your devotion. She also knows how much you love to see her gorgeous ass in spandex, and give it attention with proper ass worship. You’re such a good slave! You feel so lucky with her bare feet and spandex-covered ass in your presence, and then she starts to give you jerk off instruction. Stroke your slave cock as you lick her wrinkly, soft soles. She’s pleased to see you excited by her feet and ass, so show her how you love her and rub your dick while you thank her for this treat. Smell her sweaty ass through the spandex and lick the bottoms of those amazing feet. You’re such a good pampering foot bitch, and you’re doing a great job. She loves to hear you sniffing her ass. It’s like a dream come true when counts you down to orgasm as you suck her toes. Spill your cum for your Goddess. Good boy, foot slave!
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – Just Let It Rip

As a slave, you know you get aroused thinking about your Goddess farting directly into your face. She farts inches from your nose, and you’re so debased that you sniff it deeply and without hesitation, like the you are. Kandy knows her farts are a treasure and she loves ripping one juicy one after another. You see her dressed in her garter belt, stockings, and bra, and know you can’t resist. While there is a slave in this scene, the close-up angles throughout the clip give it more of a POV feel, so you can really imagine you are the slave in that cage and you’ll get a tremendous view of her anus expanding as each fart is expelled. Kandy always makes it clear that’s it’s not just farts you will be subjected to but your purpose is to be her full-time full toilet, devouring any delicious thing her body might produce. Imagine living exclusively off whatever her body creates. She tells you that she likes to take at least four or five dumps a day… so hopefully you have a big appetite! After ripping fart after juicy fart, the camera moves back to show the slave with an erection. These are real farts, you clearly see the anus expand with each blast! Kandy tells the slave to stroke while she farts, because she wants him to associate farts with pleasure. As she continues to fart, she calls him a fart-sniffing, -eating, ass worshipper. The slave is clearly aroused as his cock is rock hard and he begs her to let him cum. Kandy tells him ‘no’, then delivers her tenth and final fart as the screen goes to black
Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Distance Slave Training – Assignment 5

You want to serve me as a distance slave? Good. I don’t have a great deal of time to do one-on-one slave training online any more, so I have constructed a series of very personalized training assignments. Each one should be watched in order and the assignments completed as instructed. No specific descriptions as I want you to feel as if you’re actually receiving this as if I were talking directly to you and only you. Each one is critical and a new one will be delivered each week. Each assignment can be done by any boy wanting to be a good slave and I give you several options for your assignments. No skipping, each one is mandatory!
Categories: Assignments
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Sensual Pain – Nov 13, 2016 – Deepthroat and Spank | Abigail Dupree

One might find it difficult to inflict pain upon oneself, but not Abigail…she takes great pleasure in pain and in this video you will witness her insatiable appetite to serve you with her masochistic sensuality. This enticing session alternates between pleasure and pain beautifully. Her pain, your pleasure, Her pain, her pleasure, her pain is her pleasure. We begin with a thorough spanking as nothing gets her juices flowing faster and harder than a swift smack to her ass. After several minutes of spanking Abigail begins a sensual strip tease that leads to the opposite of a wardrobe malfunction as she uses her own clothing to restrict her very heavy breathing. Binding herself within her own cloth, she teases and taunts you, keeping you on edge. When you are thoroughly worked and entranced she begins to take her ever ready cock deep down her throat with ease and eagerness in her eyes . Gagging and drooling would ruin her perfect makeup so she makes sure to push herself past those barriers just for you… what a dirty turn. You will not want to leave this session clean after this display of naughty, blissful wreckage. We end this session where it began, Abigail pleasuring herself with pain and that wicked strap.
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Society SM – Blonde and Submissive – Maya Bijou

It’s one of my fondest job requirements…taking a new, young woman and giving her a taste of bondage and domination…Maya has been an enthusiastic BDSM admirer for a long time, and she is excited to get her chance to give it a try…and she hits subspace shortly after being stripped and locked into our wooden stocks…it really is a blessing since I’m caning and whipping her tits and ass within minutes…Maya responds to pain with every but as much sensuality as a deep kiss, and I am pleased to see her relax into a deep state of submission…It all sets the tone for a great day of BDSM…Everything I introduce to her, is new to her, and almost seems as if she were born into it…Her pussy is responsive and hungry for pleasure…In the end, Maya endures the massive G5 vibrator…i had the feeling she was the type of woman who could enjoy the extreme vibrations..
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Sensual Pain – Nov 9, 2016 – Invited Related Voyeur | Abigail Dupree

Invited Related Voyeur – We start with a seemingly unaware Abigail being spied upon in the shower. Abigail has a peeping Tom problem that needs a resolution; though, what is a problem could be seen as a relative thing. One of her not so secret admirers is in for a cruel granting of his verboten fantasy. Watch as the slave Abigail brings out her dominant side, to torment her small voyeur. Abigail in this session wields a big toy and verbal daggers, both for her pleasure. She is cruel, she is merciless, and she takes what she wants. Enjoy some intense toy and role play of a forbidden nature. This is an actual live performance by slave Abigail for for her sick, and now familiarly twisted admirer.
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Real Time Bondage – Nov 26, 2016: Back for More Part 2 | Nikki Darling

Tramp in Tears Keeps Teasing
Nikki Darling stunned our staff at first when she came back for a second live feed on Real Time Bondage. Being completely used for hours on end by a crew of merciless handlers who are being advised by some of the sickest minds on the internet, our loyal viewers, is no easy task. And now, in her second installment, you can really see just how much it takes out of a girl. When we return to her she is sitting on the floor looking exhausted. Our staff doesn’t know how much more the poor girl can take, but it is our job to find out.
O.T. puts Nikki on top of the cage of Milcah Halili, who only gets to watch and doesn’t get to play. He ties Nikki’s hands behind her back into a strappado, which he then ties to a rope around her neck, so that every time her arms get tired and she lowers them, she has to choke herself. Our girl is a little overzealous though, and leans into it, lowering her arms intentionally as O.T. vibrates her pussy and punches her stomach. In no time at all she is in tears and cumming hard and loud against the hitachi.
Then our handlers move Nikki so that she is sat in mid air, held up by her two legs which are spread and cuffed to wooden posts on either side of her. A collar around her neck is attached to a chain leash which pulls it up just a little too high so she is being perpetually lightly choked. Her arms are bent behind her over a wooden pole and tied in place. Now the handlers have free reign to interrogate her, vibrating or caning her harder when she talks back or gives an answer they don’t like.
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Whipped Ass – Nov 24, 2016 – Ingrid Mouth, Daisy Ducati, Mistress Kara, Nikki Darling

Dyke Bar 5: New girl spanked, flogged, and strap-on DP’d!
When gorgeous, buttoned-up businesswoman Ingrid Mouth shows up at the dyke bar, Mistress Kara, Daisy Ducati, and Nikki Darling meet her in the restroom for some after hours shenanigans! Watch the dyke bar regulars dominate Ingrid with spanking, finger banging, face sitting, pussy licking, a zipper, flogging, pussy and anal strap-on fucking, strap-on DP, and hot lesbian orgasms!!!
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The Training Of O – Nov 25, 2016 – Carter Cruise , Owen Gray

Slave Training Carter Cruise, Day One
Best of Training of O! This movie is HOT and deserves a second look!
The Training of O brings the newest, hottest submissive females to dungeons of the Armory for the most grueling sex slave training program that you will find on the web.
Hard predicament bondage teaches Carter the value of posture, while enforced reverse cowgirl fucking with electrodes taped to her thighs teaches her that The Slaves Do The Work. Carter shows off her anal skills in a tight doggie style ass fucking and begs for the come like good slave girl.
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