CfnmTV – Night at St. Dunstans 11

Grace and Sophie have found a new enthusiasm for protecting the school when it involves apprehending and punishing burglars. Since Malcolm’s brother Kevin is a criminal, they figure they can do whatever they like to him. And they’re more than happy to share him with the other students…
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Miss Missa X – Filthy Boy

Includes: Adriana Chechik, Robby Echo, Creampie
Ms. Chechik is the only single mother in the community and it’s easy for the haughty women in the traditional neighborhood to look down on a woman for living alone. She has a mysterious goddess-like beauty to her with her sparkling green eyes, her tanned skin, her raven black hair. It’s difficult for an exceptionally beautiful woman to make friends, and it’s taken her years to become respected, and more than respected, she has become a pillar of the community.
Robby is getting older and running around with the poor boys from the West Side of town. Ms. Chechik has forbid him to hang around with those trouble making boys but Robby thinks they’re so much more fun than the preppy boys who are only interested in golf and chasing uptight girls with coiffed hair and pearls. Robby has been pushing his mother more and more with his rebellion, bringing them into town, and there’s been talk abut drag racing and robberies.
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Miss Missa X – Mother Moisturizes EVERYTHING

To see the HD versionIncludes: taboo handjobYou mum catches you playing with her toys inside her bedroom! She playfully says, “heeey!” She takes them out of your hands and noticed your dry skin. She grabs the lotion on her nightstand and starts to moisturize your hands, then your arms, your chest, and now “pull down your under- roos.”Mum moisturizes your cock and it feels so so good. She spits on it to help add moisture, kisses it, and strokes up and down. She strokes slow, fast, and then a combination of speed. You try your hardest not to release.. but then you just can’t handle it anymore! You cum ropes and ropes of cum all over Mother’s hands. Watch what happens next!
Category: Cfnm, Redheads, Handjobs
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Subby Hubby – Madame Nikki Spooky Foot Licking

Madame Nikki went to her boring work costume party dressed as a sexy nun. She convinces two idiots from the warehouse to join her for fun at her place. The guys think they are going to give the business to Madame Nikki, but she sets the tone when she demands them to get on their knees. When the guys are in their rightful place, Madame Nikki has them sucking and worshiping her feet.
Tags: Foot Worship, Madame Nikki
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Clubdom – Dahila Rain & Harlow Train Male Bitches

Dahlia and Harlow take their pet men out for a walk on this beautiful day, carrying canes to wack them with whenever the males do not do as they are told. The men are expected to perform dog tricks and must BE dogs at all times….or else. Dahlia and Harlow decide to play fetch with their male pets. Since Harlow’s pet bitch retrieves the stick the fastest, he is safe and will be put back into his cage. Dahlia’s dog must suffer the consequences of not running fast enough and performing up to par. Dahlia tells him with a wicked smile, that he is in for a nice, long, caning.
Tags: Caning, Dahila Rain, Harlow
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Spanked Over My Lap

Sometimes a boy just needs to be firmly taken in hand and spanked and there’s nothing more that can be done. I intend to put you back in your place, naughty little slut, with a very hard over the knee spanking. I’m going to show you the various implements I’ll be using on your upturned bare ass. Once you’re quivering and scared, then I’ll put you over my pretty knee and make you stare at my heels as you take each stroke. When I’m done, you won’t even dream of being naughty again..
Categories: Spanking POV
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Humiliatrix – Mean Girl Remi Bullied You Then, Dominates Your Wet Dreams Today

“I was so mean to you back in school. Do you remember all the nasty things I did to you? And what did you do? You became Remi’s wussy for life. I bet you still cream your dork pants to the memory of me. Don’t you. Prove it to me. I want you to pull out your little pecker and follow my humiliating cum commands right now…”
Princess Remi, schoolgirl humiliation memories, loser arousal, cum commands…
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Clubdom – Esmi Lee & Isobel Devi Whip Their Slave

Goddesses Esmi Lee and Isobel Devi are attending a ridiculous halloween party when two pathetic boys insult them by asking what their costumes are! The Goddesses drag them back to their dungeon where they are showed what’s in store for their new slave life by whipping a slave in front of them..
Tags: Whipping, Esmi Lee, Isobel Devi
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Humiliatrix – Princess Remi Turns You into Her Panty-Wearing Sissy Slave

“My boyfriend wanted to beat you when I told him I let you into my bedroom, until I described you giving me pedicures, picking out my lingerie, and cleaning up his dirty condoms. He now knows you’re not a man, just a sissy. He actually LIKES the idea of you being sissy servant to us both. But he has a few filthy stipulations…”
Princess Remi, sissy slave, cuckold humiliation, panties, CEI…
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Femdom Empire – Valentina Nappi – Stamina Masturbation Challenge

Mistress Valentina Nappi owns not just your mind but also your cock and every orgasm for the rest of your life. She loves nothing more than to make you work extra hard for your weekly milkings and has a special game she demands you play. Do you have enough stamina and obedience to please your Mistress? Lets find out!
Featuring: Valentina Nappi
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dark Beauty Trance

There is something so seductive about the darkness.. This beautiful, rich darkness that pulls at you, that slides it’s fingertips against your brain and drags you into those liquid depths. My dark beauty. My darkness. My bottomless pool of silky pleasure that I can transport you to with a whisper… The longer you stare, the more you want me, the more I feast upon your desire. I will bring you to your knees with the primitive ache of your own cock as you offer yourself up in worship. Slide down into the darkness, pet. Slide.. down.. deeper.
Categories: Mesmerize
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Femdom Empire – Lana Rhodes – Princess Demands Cum

Princess Lana Rhoades takes what she wants from her slaves whenever and wherever she pleases. She gets off on forcing her boy’s bitch dick to orgasm on her command especially while he is bound and helpless. Princess Lana demands his cum and strokes out every last drop draining his balls just the way she likes. No cum goes to waste as she forces it all right down his throat making him gobble it up like a good sissy bitch.
Featuring: Lana Rhodes
Categories: Bondage, Handjobs, Milking
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Kates Palace – Bad Ass Cop Part 1

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Mistress T – Real Life Foot Worship

What would it be like to serve a Goddess in real life? This slave had the opportunity by coming to Vegas to serve myself, Ceara Lynch and others. This is a very casual scene where I instruct him to massage my feet while I check email. He was doing a good job so I told him to explain to the viewer how to worship a Goddess’s feet properly (so this vid is a educational as well as hot & entertaining). There’s even a part with Ceara when she comes back to our room & he gives her a foot rub. More of Ceara:
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – No Touch Squirt

My tease and denial techniques are legendary and they seldom fail to produce obedience from every cock I turn my attention to. My slave is no different, and while he is tightly bound, his cock is at my mercy. I begin to tease it with my gloved hands and within a few minutes, I’ve got it spurting without another touch! Pulling my hand away at the last moment leaves that cock without the fulfillment it so desperately wants….which only leaves me giggling in delight.
Categories: Forced Male Orgasm
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Subby Girls – Such A Cruel Kitty

Amarna a cruel kitty? Perhaps, but she sure is adorable though even when she torments Lyra. She uses her pretty pink vibrator relentlessly on helpless Lyra, but I suspect Lyra doesn’t mind at all.
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