CfnmTV – Night at St. Dunstans 7

Julie and Maggie now have complete control over the teacher. His big stiff erection shows that he has given up all forms of resistance. As he lays there on the desk with them toying with his cock all he can think about is how much he aches for release.
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Femdom Empire – Jill Kassidy – Chastity, Chores & Foot Licking

Worship My feet, Jill commands her older slave. She looks absolutely stunning in hot pink bikini top. No wonder hell do anything to please his Princess. She gazes down at the bitch in complete disgust as he tongues off the black from the bottoms of her feet. Jill Kassidy has got this bitch completely wrapped around her little finger. He sucks all of Jill’s toes, just as she instructs so. She fucks its ugly face with her absolutely PERFECT feet. He feels so lucky just to be able to lick her feet. She wipes her soles off on his tongue. He keeps licking until she gets bored of it. When she is done with him she waves him away to finish her chores.
Featuring: Jill Kassidy
Categories: Chastity, Foot Worship, Humiliation
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Men Are Slaves – Let Me See Your Back

It’s play time for Belle and Keegan, so out comes the whip. Both girls are very fond of scarring a man with the crack of their whip both because they love the marks it leaves behind and because they love the sound it makes when it strikes. They will have some mercy though by letting him adore their asses on occasion before returning to the whip.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy – Feeding the Husband

Miss Jasmine has allowed her loser husband, you, out of your cage to serve as a human toilet slave to her and her girlfriend TS Staci. She hasn’t fed you in a while so knows you will be extra hungry to consume everything that comes out of their bodies. First she orders you to open wide and swallow her golden stream. Staci just finished cumming and you must lick her cock clean and lick her soaked heels up, as well. Next Staci empties her bladder in your mouth. The ladies enjoy mocking and humiliating you for your shortcommings. Your final command is to lick the bathtub clean before they stick you back in your cage.
Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy
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Kates Palace – Captured in Rubber 2

Mistress: Elizabeth Garden
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The English Mansion – Blind Obedience Complete Movie

Mistress Sidonia is today training her pony in the art of ‘blind obedience’. Her pony slave is tightly harnessed up so that only his legs are free, his head is hooded and importantly he is blindfolded and has limited hearing. Then he is lead to the pony cart and hitched on. This training will also be an ultimate tease for her slave as she is naked and yet he cannot see or touch her. She takes the reins and with the help of the whip trains him to respond to her rein movement and verbal commands, driving him around of the paddock, gradually increasing the exertion and speed levels, enjoying exhausting the obedient ponyboy.
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Femdom Empire – Lana Rhodes – Anaconda Cock Whore

Mistress Lana’s slave didn’t believe her when she promised the dicks would only keep getting bigger and bigger! He definitely will never second guess her threats again with a gigantic, anaconda sized cock stuffed deep inside his whore-hole. By the time Lana has finished with her slave’s training he will be transformed into a sissy fuck slut who craves only the biggest cocks to penetrate his hungry holes.
Featuring: Lana Rhodes
Categories: Strap-on
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Brainwashed to Be Gay

You need to learn how to be a proper little fag for me, don’t you? I know how much you fantasize about having cock in your mouth and cock in your ass, so it’s about time we made this fantasy realized. I’m going to put you under into a pleasant mesmerizing trance, then I’m going to begin my brain washing. Scrubbing you over and over to love cock, to want to suck and receive any cock that is put in front of you. Furthermore, you’ll be seeking out real cock on your own to establish just how gay you’ll be going to for me. You won’t even want pussy any more after I’m done with you, you’ll be a dick-loving gay boy all for your Goddess.
Categories: Forced Bi
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Society SM – My Little Bondage Toy – Nicole Bexley

As soon as Nicole left, after her first shoot, I was ready to own her again…her entire body, and I dare say her entire existence is nothing but a sex toy…a tease that pays off…a willing submissive who enjoys suffering…and that body, covered in perfect skin, athletic and curvy, has me drooling as I type…My pleasure, on this day, was all about seeing her suffer…she makes such adorable faces and reacts to every sensitive manipulation…she squirts on every orgasm, leaving a mess in the dungeon, and for that, I make her day worse that it had to be.
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Sex And Submission – Sep 23, 2016 – Xander Corvus, Amara Romani, Seth Gamble

When Xander’s sexy girlfriend, Amara Romani, cheats on him with his Best Bro, Seth Gamble, the two Bros team up to teach the little Ho a lesson in bondage, manhandling and rough anal sex!
Slutty Amara thinks she is on her way to hook up with Seth behind her boyfriend’s back, but Xander surprises her in a dark alley and takes her to a remote hotel room where Seth is waiting. Amara is shocked to learn that these two guys are in it together and a great take down scene is unleashed! Amara is manhandled, stripped naked, bound and fucked in all her slutty holes by both guys. Xander and Seth pull Double Domination Duty as they pass Amara back and forth like a sexual rag doll, fucking her however they wish till she is completely drunk on cock and come. Amara loves being put in her place by these two guys and learns the real meaning of the saying BROs Before HOs!
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Device Bondage – Sep 22, 2016 – Ariel X, The Pope

Ariel needs no introduction, her body is a specimen of perfection, and this is the only place that you will get to see her submit. Knowing that, we should feel honored that there is still a place to watch such a strong woman submit to a man. The Pope puts her perfect body on display so that she can suffer just like any of the other sluts that show up here. The bondage ensures her helplessness and his hands will make sure that she suffers. Every one of her holes gets stuffed full of cock and her pussy explodes with squirting orgasms.
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Infernal Restraints – Sep 23, 2016: Hoesed | Lily Lane

Lily Lane is absolutely, totally trapped. Her wrists are held together by handcuffs, her ankles are held together by handcuffs. Hell, she didn’t even know that there were cuffs big enough to hold her thighs together, but here she is: living proof. Her entire body is held in place by metal and all that she can do is to lie there and whimper as O.T. comes to her to cut the bit of clothing she has off her body.
Lily is one of the bendiest girls O.T. has ever seen and he seems intent on taking complete advantage of that fact. He takes her and bends her legs all the way back so that her feet are way above her head, and then locks her down so there is no way for her to wiggle out of the position. With Lily folded in half like this it gives O.T. the perfect opportunity to get at that pussy of hers, which he knows is just begging to be played with.
O.T. takes out the hitachi, the most powerful handheld vibrator we have, and presses it right on her clit. Then, with his other hand, he starts finger fucking the life out of her. Lily is moaning and crying out and it looks like she’s about to cum. And then it happens. She starts squirting all over the place like a fountain. More specifically, because of the position that she is in, Lily starts squirting all over her own face. She’s cum drunk and humiliated, and O.T. hasn’t even brought out the hook yet.
Tags: Anal Fingering, Ass Hook, Breast Groping, Breath Play, Bruises, Celebrator, Cut Clothing, Cut Panties, Finger Fucking, Fingering, Foot Torture, Gagging, Handcuff Hogtie, Handcuffs, High Heels, Hitachi, Humiliation, Kissing, Knife Play, Legs Behind Head, Metal Bondage, Metal Dildo, Nipple Licking, Nipple Pinching, Panty Gag, Pussy Hook, Spread Ass Cheeks, Squirting, Squirting Orgasm, Tattoo, Vibrator
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Humiliatrix – Selena Needs You to Help Her Seduce Her Sexy New Stud

“There’s a hot young stud I have my eye on and you’re going to help me seduce him. I want to see what my new dress and juicy lipgloss do to your little pecker before I make my play for his big delicious cock. So, come on, wussy. Get on your knees for goddess and unzip…”
Goddess Selena, pathetic cuckold, cockteasing, outfit testing, lip fetish…
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Subby Girls – Such A Good Girl

That’s right, kneel sweet Kate, kneel in front of Katy and lick her pussy like a good girl. Kate is always happy to oblige as she loves to worship between Katy’s legs.
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Female Worship – Suck That Pussy

It may not be the most comfortable place for her man, but when Dollie has an oral need it must be satiated on the spot. So his knees will have to deal with the hard staircase as he licks until she is fully pleasured.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Matilda – Ready For Me?

Already hard? That’s not surprising as you tend to always be ready to cum for Goddess Matilda. It doesn’t take much for her to take you to the edge, where only she will decide if you will cum or not.
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