CfnmTV – The School Ttakeover Part 1

Things don’t always run smoothly at St Dunstan’s. For weeks there have been rumours and gossip going around the staffroom that drastic changes are about to happen. The teachers are nervous and on edge – although so far the pupils have been kept blissfully unaware. But secrets cannot be kept forever…
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CfnmTV – Jason Davidson 4

Rugby hunk Jason Davidson is undergoing a painful and humiliating examination. As the women take turns to shove their eager fingers up his arse he must fight his urge to swear and cuss. Instead he tries to focus on the money this deal could get him – but it’s getting harder and harder by the minute.
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The English Mansion – Mistress Sidonia – Fuck In The Box

Trapped in the cage, fully exposed, Mistress Sidonia’s slave is going to feel the wrath of her fucking machine! First she has some fun, using his mouth to lick her boots and to humiliate him and the predicament he faces. She then brings in the fucking machine with the huge dildo attached and proceeds to ram his hole harder and faster, showing no mercy to the cries he emits.
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Clubdom – Alexia Jordan Whips The Slave

Watch as Alexia Jordan lets her caged slave out and ties him up because he was being bad, then whips him till he begs the safe word.
Tags: Whipping, Alexia Jordan
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Subby Hubby – Presley Gets Ass Eated by her Cuck P3

Presley Carter doesn’t have cash to pay her lawn serviceman. Instead, she wants to use his hot body and big cock to get off. Presley brings him into the bedroom and smacks him in the face until he starts licking her pussy. Presley is angry at how horrible he is at it, and instead makes him tongue and worship her ass instead.
Tags: Prestley Carter
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Cum For Me

I want you to always be aroused for me. I want you to have this undeniable sexual desire that cements my ownership. The more you stroke for me, the more I own every piece of you. I want you to stroke, I want you to jerk.. But only for me. I want to occupy all levels of your sexual desire until you are fully encapsulated in my dominance. In white lingerie and sky high heels– you can’t deny the raw power I have over you.
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Tease and Thank You – Vibreak

We had a little bet going concerning my ability to, ahem, produce orgasms, and only one rule: no stroking. So I used every sexy vibey kinky toy I have, and somehow, SOMEHOW, he managed to hold off… although he dribbled for about three hours straight. Finally, I figured out the loophole — did we specify WHO would come?
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Subby Hubby – Mia Controls Me Part 5

To make sure that her new subby knows who is in charge, Goddess Mia Martinez puts on her strap on cock and bends him over the couch so she can dominate her pathetic subby. Goddess Mia loves pegging her subby’s man pussy and slaps his ass a few times. When she’s had enough, Goddess Mia forces her subby to suck her cock to clean it off.
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Femdom Empire – Yasmin Scott – Bondage Play Toy

Mistress Yasmin gets off on overpowering men and turning them into helpless play toys. Her mummified gimp is tightly bound and restrained making sure he is forever oblivious to what torturous games Yasmin has in mind. She knows the best way to teach a gimp a lesson in stamina is by edging his cock over and over again with a high powered vibrator. After he has been deemed worthy of release Mistress Yasmin jerks the gimp until he can’t hold back and shoots a massive load all over his mummified body.
Featuring: Yasmin Scott
Categories: Bondage, Brunette, Euro, Handjobs, Milking
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Clubdom – Goddess Cheyenne & Jean Bardot POV

Goddess Cheyenne and Mistress Jean Bardot are standing in front of you in their latex and are getting disgusted by your pathetic little balls. They think they need to be crushed and abused by their feet since your little grapes are worthless and useless.
Tags: POV, Goddess Cheyenne, Jean Bardot
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Men Are Slaves – You’ll Always Be The Cuck, Part 1

While Madame Xavialune may be a female supremacist, she does take care of the males she owns. She always makes sure her cuck male has different panties to wear to always look pretty for her. But he needs to make no mistake about it, he will always be the cuck, she will always seek pleasure from other males while he is left to watch.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy – You’re The Offices New Pussy Licker

CEO Kandy calls in one of the warehouse boys to tell him she has a list of all the things he’s done well with the company. She shows him the sheet and it’s just a blank white piece of paper. She instructs him to get onto his knees, which he does reluctantly, saying it seems a bit unorthadox. “Do you want to keep your job?” she asks him. “Yes” he replies. The next thing you know he has his shirt off and has been turned into the office pussy licker. She tells him he has 15 minutes to get her off before her husband returns, so the studly worker is nervous… but eager. As Kandy plans to see her stud boyfriend later, she decides not to cum. She informs the boy he is now the office pussy licker and orders him to crawl over to Fat Olga’s stall, as she is waiting for him.
Mistress: Mistress Kandy
Category: Pussy Worship, Office Domination, Pussy Worship
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Sado Ladies – Ella Kross – Ashtray Slave In Chains

This is how a cruel lady relaxes: Dressed in skin tight leather, enjoying a cigarette and a slave chained to a wooden post in front of her.
Mistress Ella Kros sits on a leather couch and lights up a cigarette. She inhales the smoke and blows it into the slave’s face. The strong slave’s hand are in chains that leads to a wooden post. He has a nice view on Ella’s breath taking cleavage but his eyes are fixed on her cigarette.
He knows that she is going to hurt him while she smokes, just with that thin cigarette. It’s like a whip. One end is for the lady and the other end is for the slave…
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Latex Polishing Slavegirl

Featuring Miss Whitney Morgan. I am getting ready to go out and there’s just one thing left to do.. Have my little slavegirl polish my latex. I hand her the lube and instruct her what to do, which she does with enthusiasm. Her hands slide up and down my shiny body, making every inch of my black and gold dress shine. I step up onto the table to give her a better angle and to give you a better view.
Categories: Latex
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Subby Hubby – Pathetic Tongue Licks Presley in Laundry P1

Presley Carter is upset her subby hubby maid isn’t done folding the laundry yet. She calls him into the bedroom and forces him to worship her feet. Presley forces him to lick her toes with his pathetic tongue and gag on as much of her foot as will fit in his mouth.
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Subby Hubby – Subby Sex Education Mini Movie

Goddess Jamie Valentine slaps her crop on the desk to get the students attention. “Today’s first lesson is in the proper cock size to please a woman. Miss Valentine holds up a 12” dildo and explains to the class “this is what it takes to make a woman cum. A real man is packing and knows how to please a woman.” One of the students, Mr. Kincaid, laughs and comments “that’s ridiculous. Is that what you need to be satisfied?” Miss Valentine grabs him by the ear pulling him up to the front of the class. She demands that he drop his pants and says “show the class what youre working with Mr. Kincaid.” He drops his trousers revealing a teeny tiny weenie. The whole class starts laughing as Miss Valentine takes out a ruler and measures about an inch and a half. “That is pathetic!” One of the other students starts laughing and she instruct him to come to the front of the class. “Drop trow.” He does and again revealing about an inch and a quarter tiny penis. Miss Valentine pulls out two chastity devices and instructs the pathetic losers to lock their dicklets up. Telling them that they are useless and could never please a woman. She calls Mr. Adams up to the front of the class and presents his penis. She asks Mr. Adams to place his cock in the penis pump and starts to pump it up completely filling the clear glass to explain what a real cock looks like. “Now this could please a woman. Miss Valentine now has the pathetic little dick students locked in chastity and on their knees. She explains to them that because they will never be able to please a woman, they will have to pay all the bills. In order to pay the bills they’re going to have to learn how to be perfect little blow job queen’s. The boys are instructed to pucker up and wrap their sweet little mouths around Mr. Adams bulging hard cock. While the boys are busy learning to suck cock Miss Valentine has her submissive female student as her new little teachers pet. Making her rub her pussy and suck her big ample breasts. Miss Valentine has complete control of her class. Finally Mr. Adams blows a big white chunky load of man filth all over Toby’s face and Miss Valentine instructs Mr. Kincaid to lick the cum off of his face.
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