CfnmTV – Fertility Lesson 1

Cassy and Barbara of two of the most conscientious students at St Dunstan’s but they need a male volunteer for their biology thesis. Luckily for them there is a new arrival at the school in the form of foreign exchange student Alex Dubrovolski – who with his poor command of English could be just what they need!
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CfnmTV – Love Letters 5

Working as a team, Nicole and Ashley have successfully hoodwinked Ms Robenshaw into believing that both Liam and Evan have been exposing themselves. The teacher takes the girls at their word – ready to believe them over the disgusting boys, who now face her wrath and must be punished!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Fake Pussy Humiliation

You don’t get to fuck real pussy, do you? I don’t think a real woman will let you anywhere near her. Or perhaps you’re too afraid, not man enough to get a real woman. No.. You’re going to enjoy a fake rubber pussy. I have a Fleshlight for you to use and you’re going to hump it just like I instruct. I’m going to make you viciously aware as you fuck that artifical hole.
Categories: Fleshlight
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Goddess Foot Domination – Lose Bet, Smell Feet

Lucie challanged her step-mom to a race but now she’s regretting it, because she lost a bet and now, she has to smell Goddess Tatiana’s sweaty feet! At first, Lucie tries to get out of her punishment, but there’s no escaping when Goddess Tatiana shoves her smelly socks right in Lucie’s face. She demands that Lucie get on her knees, and then pulls her face into the stench, making sure her step-daughter gets a good whiff. Removing her socks, she shoves the wet cotton in Lucie’s face. She isn’t finished with her step-daughter yet. and instructs Lucie to lick those salty, sweaty soles. Protesting the entire time, Lucie is helpless against Goddess Tatiana’s foot domination as she licks every toe clean. Eventually, Lucie stops whining so much and show’s her step-mom some proper foot worship. She does such a good job that Goddess Tatiana promises to race again tomorrow!
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Clubstiletto – Would You Like To Be My toilet

Only 21 years old, Princess Mia can wrap any man around her little finger and if the guy loves a perfect ass then he has no chance of resistance even when she tells him he is going to be her full toilet. Watch as she makes the slave lick her ass, tells him he’s not good enough for her breasts or pussy, and then reminds him that her ass is his purpose and he will lick it, kiss it, and eat from it whenever she demands it of him. Super hot clip with an experienced but new to the ‘net young Domina.
Mistress: Princess Mia
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – Lily Busts Balls

The scene opens with Lily on her throne, looking hot and regal in nothing but tight PVC shorts and studded stilettos, with her slave bound, tied, and helplessly suspended from the ceiling. As she waves the crop, she says, “So you know your duties as a slave include rules…well, I’m now going to tell you about those rules.” She lets the slave know he is not a person; he is merely a possession. He no longer has free will… he does exactly as his owner, Lily, commands. He does not make eye contact with anyone…whenever his Master (her, Lily) comes within ten feet of him, he immediately drops to his knees. He is no longer in control, even of his own body… he will be available to his Master at any time… he is not even allowed to orgasm without her strict supervision. She tells him he has broken one of the rules already and is about to be punished as a result. She removes him from his shackles and gets him onto his knees. She kicks him in the nuts a few times with her spiked shoes, and while the kicks are somewhat restrained, you can see that the impact is still very painful for him. She makes him remove her shoes and kneel upright in front of her so she can kick him in the balls again…this time, she kicks him 15 times! She reminds him that he needs to be a good slave, so after she finishes kicking him, she has him drop to the floor and kiss her feet. Slaves always kiss Goddess feet so passionately after a good ball busting, don’t you think? Perhaps they’re afraid the Mistress might decide to do even more. “Can you taste your sweaty balls on my feet?” she asks him. “I hope you consider things carefully the next time you think you can disobey me.” The slave assures her, in a sobby, whimpering slave way, that he has learned his lesson. She keeps him on all fours, while walking around to his backside to deliver another four crushingly hard kicks to the nuts, before ordering him to follow her on all fours… she has just decided to take him to the t0rture room. Balls busted, he obediently follows her out of the room.
Mistress: Princess Lily
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Femdom Empire – Kiki Vidas – Second Hand Filth

Mistress Kiki’s slave is a very dirty boy with a disgusting habit who needs to be taught a lesson. As his owner she has final say in every aspect of his life and decides to take away his filthy privilege for his own good. Mistress Kiki on the other hand will only be smoking that much more to tease and torture the poor boy as she loves to watch him beg like a wimpering puppy. At least she is very thoughtful and makes sure to fill his dirty boy mouth up with all her ash, smoke and delicious spit. The only fix her slave will ever get again is from his Mistress’s second hand smoke being blown in his face and down his throat. Beggers can’t be choosers!!
Featuring: Kiki Vidas
Categories: Euro, Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Smoking
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Submit to Me

In shiny black rubber, the mere image of me makes you tremble with obedience. But it’s not enough. I want more. I want to put you in a metal cock cage, strap you down, and I’m going to tease you. I’m going to make you learn the meaning of submission as you give it up to me. You’re going to learn to beg as I have you tied down. You’re going to learn to plead for more pleasure..
Categories: Masturbation Instruction
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Clubdom – Dahila Rain & Lydia Supremacy Caning

Starring: Dahila Rain, Lydia
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Infernal Restraints – Dec 2, 2016: Behind Bars | Alana Cruise

Book Keeper Gets One For the Books
O.T. is paying a visit to his accountant to ask about some worrying notices he has received in the mail. The woman at the front desk, Alana Cruise, informs him that someone at the office must have made a mistake, but O.T. knows this is the kind of mistake that can send him to prison. Now, for doing him wrong, he is going to give her a taste of just what happens in prison, so he takes out a needle, sticks it in her neck, and it’s lights out for Alana.
When she wakes up she has a leather hood on her head, which O.T. has wedged between two metal bars, and her wrists are shackled to the floor. O.T. pulls up the skirt of her little green dress and rubs his hand over her pussy through her panties. Alana makes scared and upset noises like she wants him to stop. If she doesn’t want him to touch her in a nice and friendly way, O.T. is happy to oblige. He ties the back of her panties to a bar over her head and spanks her ass. And then it’s time for her to really learn her lesson.
O.T. stands Alana up and has her hold the two metal bars out in front of her, with a smaller pole balanced on the end. Then he takes out a whip and starts lashing at her tits and her ass making her squeal and dance around to try and avoid the pain. If the small bar falls, she gets to find out what happens when you drop the bar of soap in the showers. She holds up well for a while, turning slowly and picking up her feet one at a time to dodge it, but when O.T. whips at her hands she has no choice but to let it drop. Then he sits her down and ties her toes so that her legs are held spread apart and takes out the metal pussy hook and the celebrator to fuck her until she screams. Maybe next time she’ll know to do her job.
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Sex And Submission – Dec 2, 2016 – Xander Corvus , Zoey Monroe

Blackmail Lust
When a beautiful but mischievous bank teller tries to short Xander Corvus on a deposit, she is drawn deeper and deeper into Xander’s twisted web of blackmail, bondage and anal sex.
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Dungeon of Cum – A Rose by Any Other Name… – Slave Rose

The tension builds as we watch Rose struggle and you know something has to give…Her Master enters and begins to grope her vulnerbale body…Rose is immobile, and in this state she is at his mercy. He eats her pussy and Rose seems slightly comforted…Then, her nipples are clamped and her moans fill the Dungeon…A vibe is produced and she giggles nervously as it it smashed against her clit. Pleasure seems to override pain however for a brief moment in time. And now it is her time to please.
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Society SM – Prima Donna Hot – Nikki Daniels

Nikki Daniels is an adventurous woman…and I just love women who are hot enough to be prima donnas but aren’t…that shows level-headed character…although she looks like an olive skinned, raven haired, greek goddess, Nikki is really an all American girl…that super rare hottie that plays third base on your summer league sotfball team, doesnt mind getting dirty, and can party right along with the fellas…and she can doll herself up to look like a playboy model…I mean…just like a playboy model…I was more than happy to have the chance to work with her…and work her over…my plan for Nikki starts with nipple clamp and crotchrope predicaments…she shows good durability…then I was eager to get her all spread out…to me
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Sexually Broken – Nov 30, 2016 Bella Rossi | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot big tited MILF is bound helpless on Sybian and brutally face fucked with huge cock!
Bella Rossi and her booming body are back on Sexaully Broken. With one of the cutest smiles, biggest mouths, and huge tits, this girls is a heartbreaker.
Bound helpless on the world’s most powerful vibrator. Bella is tied in the splits, this puts her clit directly on the Sybian. Soon Bella will be screeming out orgams while choking on huge cock. As we turn the vibrator on you can see the blissful agony on Bella face. She knows she is fucked, and when that first cock slips down her throat and cuts off her air, Bella knows she is in for the ride of her life. Several orgasms later and two brutal face fuckings latter, Bella is a mess, cumming uncontrollably and deep in subspace. Wrecking a girl has never been funner.
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Ultimate Surrender – Nov 30, 2016 – Nikki Delano , Jenna Foxx , Lea Lexis , Nikki Darling

Lea Lexis refuses to lose, Rookie puts her in jeopardy, anal at stake
Lea Lexis has the orgasmic rookie, Jenna Fox on her team. This could mean trouble for the dominatrix. Team Nikki has two hot little Nikkis on it. Nikki Delano and Nikki darling are both very strappy and really give Lea and poor Jenna a run for their money. Jenna is trapped on the mats and face sat and smothered. Nikki Darling is thrown around like a rag doll. This is an incredible match that shows how far heart can take you when your butthole is on the line. Special guest appearance in round 4 by Ariel X who makes the loser trib fuck and do muscle worship on her amazing biceps. Losers are hand gagged, made to do foot worship and made to do the “cock in challenge” where they must keep the cocks they were fucked with in their loser pussies while they please the winners.
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