CfnmTV – Night at St. Dunstans 11

Grace and Sophie have found a new enthusiasm for protecting the school when it involves apprehending and punishing burglars. Since Malcolm’s brother Kevin is a criminal, they figure they can do whatever they like to him. And they’re more than happy to share him with the other students…
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CfnmTV – Camera Shy 2 Part 1

Ben’s head is still spinning from the intense erotic experience via webcam with the mysterious Anna. Although he’s never met her, her image fills his every waking moment. He lays on his bed wishing more than anything that he will one day meet her in real life. Unfortunately, all the time spent obsessing over Anna has meant that his coursework has suffered…
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Femdom Empire – Anna Deville – Intoxicating Overdose of Stink

Mistress Anna keeps only the most obedient boys around that are willing to worship any part of her, and that includes her dirty sneakers and smelly sock covered toes. She orders the slave to light her smoke and start licking away as she trains him to be the best stinky foot slut he could possibly be. There is no escaping the intoxicating aroma of her extra smelly sneakers, socks and cigarette smoke as the slave proves his devotion while trying not to choke and gag from the overbearing stench.
Featuring: Anna Deville
Categories: Humiliation, Smelly: Feet, Shoes, Socks, Smoking
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Clubstiletto – We Won’t Tell Hubby – Ass Worship

Kandy is a confident trophy wife of an old rich fucker but a hot MILF is not about to sit around when yard boys and pool boys are just outside the windows of her fabulous new house and hubby is off somewhere trying to make another million. In this hot series we have seen how Kandy has made the yard boys attend to her needs in various ways and today she has had the yard boy lick her armpits but now she has decided not only are her pits sweaty but so is her ass. Kandy looks just divine laying on her side, her amazing ass is well exposed as is her asshole and soon she has the boy in there licking for all he is worth. She tells him that despite the side benefit of his special house duties he will still be expected to get back into the yard before hubby gets home as he will want to see that progress is being made. Kandy tells him that if hubby caught them like this he would probably him. She torments him more by telling him that the pool boy is fucking her but he only gets ass and if he’s lucky he might taste some of the poolboys cum in her ass. Kandy then gets up on her knees and the screen is filled with her ass and asshole until boy gets back in there for some eager ass eating. While the boy licks away she threatens to fart in his face and tells him if she needs to get fucked again by the pool boy he will be expected to clean the pool as well. Poor bitch! Hubby is out, probably bragging about his hot wife, little does he know that young fit men are touching and licking her all over… and even fucking her.
Mistress: Mistress Kandy
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Clubdom – Qandisa & Amadhy StrapOn POV

Tags: Masturbation Instruction, Goddess Amadahy, Qandisa
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Subby Hubby – A Cuck for Pressley and Sabrina 5: Fucked like a Bitch

“It’s time to accept the fact that ONE OF US has a BIG DICK in this relationship.” Pressley says to her subby hubby. She prefers to be called GODDESS now as she shoves her cock into his aching man pussy to show him who is boss around here. He finally accepts his place as her fucked and used pathetic bitch of a husband and must only be used for her enjoyment now, as she goes out and gets fucked by real men. When she is bored, she will be fucking him hard with her cock, reminding him of his place.
Tags: Strapon
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Mistress T – Barely Touched Finger Job

I make you so horny that I could make you cum barely even touching you. The lightest touch…my velvety voice…my presence…it has you under a spell. My puppet. So easily controlled.
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Men Are Slaves – Don’t Move My Furniture

Ashli really doesn’t like it when her furniture is moved around. Why would the slave be doing that when he has plenty other chores to be tending to? Looks like some application of the whip is needed to reorganise her living room.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Extreme Extended Edging

My slave is conviently restrained, prone, on the bondage bed with his cock and balls at my complete mercy. I’m going to let him cum, but I’m going to make him ache for it. Like a lioness with her prey, I toy with him. I stroke, stop, tease, stroke again. I work my hands up and down his shaft, then tease him with the scent of my damp pussy over his hooded face. His cock continues to twitch, strains, he begs. But I’m enjoying making him writhe. I tease him endlessly, relentlessly, starting and stopping. I edge him over and over. When I finally do allow his explosive orgasm, it’s at a simple command.
Categories: Forced Male Orgasm
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Hardtied – Oct 19, 2016: Arched | Katy Kiss | Matt Williams

Brutal Back Bending Bondage
Katy Kiss has one of those long, thin bodies like a model, and when Matt Williams sees a body like that, he knows all he wants to do is bend it like a pretzel. Katy’s body isn’t the only thing that’s going to be bent today. Her will and resolve will be flexed within an inch of breaking. It’s going to be pretty rough on her, but she wouldn’t want it any other way and neither would any of us.
After Matt has Katy gag herself with a black ball gag, he grabs some rope and ties her arms back into a brutal strappado. Then he adds a neck rope, which he ties up to the ceiling so that Katy can feel the tension in her neck. He takes this opportunity to practice his forehand, spanking Katy until her ass turns bright pink. After that it’s off with her clothes and on with the torment. Takes out his scissors and cuts away her clothing until she is bare, and adds a crotch rope threaded between her thighs. The rope rubbing right up against her clit is a lot for Katy to handle, but not nearly so much as the hitachi Matt is about to put there.
Matt ties Katy to the top of a table, each of her limbs to one of its legs, so that her back is arched up and her torso open to whatever he wants to do to it. He clips some nipple clamps onto her tits and decides to give her the flogging of her life. He swings the flogger at her pussy, at her stomach, at he perky little tits, and all the while she is crying out and tearing up. Eventually the sensation becomes too much for her. Matt stops hitting her, puts the flogger down, picks up her head and lets her catch her breath. Then, once she has recovered herself, he takes out the hitachi and lets her have a little fun.
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The Upper Floor – Oct 18, 2016 – Syren de Mer, John Strong, Eliza Jane , Aiden Starr, Lauren Phillips

Fantastically Fevered Folsom Orgy
On Folsom weekend The Upper Floor hosted one of its largest parties. It was a massive gathering, featuring 2 slaves working for their collars (under the “guidance” of Aiden Starr and senior slave Syren de Mer), 4 featured guests immersed in their own scenes of domination and depravity, surrounded by nearly 200 guests and lifestyle players, fucking and flogging and cumming in an unparalleled orgy. In Part One of this massive party, slaves Lauren Phillips and Eliza Jane are fucked in bondage and partial suspensions while struggling to memorize the house rules. Nearby, Tifereth, Davey Faye, Jessie Sparkles and Quinn put on their own show, where Davey is bound to a post and pushed well beyond the point of delight, deep into torment. Finally, as Eliza gets her pussy fisted by Aiden, Lauren gets what she’s been begging for the entire night… tied down with her ass up, and John Strong pounding her ass full of hard cock.
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Sensual Pain – October 2, 2016 – Slaves Pleasure | Abigail Dupree | Master James

It’s the second anniversary of Master James and slave abigail for the signing of their contract to become Master and slave. slave abigail came into the evening ritual not knowing what to expect but traditionally this occasion is celebrated with pain so she has been preparing herself for days. Master James threw her for a loop when He announced to her that she would be receiving pleasure instead. she almost didn’t know what to do with this. she also knows that there is no pleasure without pain so she still braced herself for whatever her Master had planned.
He starts by putting her in the large head stocks and places a grimy bucket over her head. A few swift and hard cane strokes to the thighs gets her firey just the way he likes her. To keep her straight he slowly lowers her down onto her slave seat fitted with the anal rod and can’t help but to add one more element to her already tasking predicament by having her suck His cock. He then bends her over the leg spreader and attaches her pussy spreader to give full access to her slave holes and binds her arms up behind her in a nicely weighted predicament. Anal hook, pussy hook, weights, dildo, vibrator, predicament bondage, cock sucking and caning.. oh and don’t forget the burning sensation she begins to feel as she realizes that she is allergic to the dildo that is fully inserted in her ass. He then hoists her up in the ass ring to expose her for some more fuckery in His signature way. Just what this slave needs. To many more years of service!!
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Sexually Broken – Oct 14, 2016 Mona Wales | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot Domme Mona Wales, is bound down and brutally dicked down, rough face fucking
Dominatrix gets bound and brutally fucked. Hard bondage and face fucking! Squirting Orgasms.
Mona Wales is back on the pages of SB. We love when Dommes have the balls to let go and have fun. Mona is one of the best, she gets as good as she gives!
Simple but inescapable. Mona is bound in custom metal cuffs, locked on her back. Her smooth shaved pussy is wet and waiting, Mona is a slut, one of the best slut we know.
Two hard cocks come at Mona and they are relentless. Upside down face fucking is brutal, most girls can’t handle a few seconds of it, but Mona takes it all. She take the big cocks and cums and cums and cums. She squirts and cums some more. The Boys bring it and Mona endures it. Mona is left barely conscious cum dripping out of her pussy, eyes glazed over and drooling.
Check out why SB gets all the best BDSM nominatiations, No pain, just great bondage and brutal sex!
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Public Disgrace – Oct 17, 2016 – Steve Holmes, Pablo Ferrari, Valentina Bianco, Melody Petite, Max Cortes, Frida Sante, Penelope Cum

Penelope and Valentina in a Greedy Group Fuck
Newbie Penelope Gets Suspended, Flogged and Fucked – Part 1
Penelope Cum is a sweet, adorable beauty, new to the scene but ready to take it all in. Max Cortes brings Valentina Bianco to a location popular with climbers, to find Penelope bound and suspended, eager for them to use. They take her to a street with a grand view of Barcelona, where Penelope’s made to suck dick and get fucked in plain view.
Penelope and Valentina in a Greedy Group Fuck – Part 2
Fresh from a hard fuck on the streets of Barcelona, Penelope Cum and Valentina Bianco are brought to a club to continue their public abasement. They’re fucked and humiliated in front of a large group of patrons, as two other hot sluts join in on the fun. Valentina takes a hard fuck in the ass as three cocks and four girls pound it out. In the end, our newbie Penelope is fully fucked and covered in hot cum. There’s no wiping the huge smile off her face now!
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Mistress T – Boys Intro To Strap-on

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a virtual sex style scene. I am your loving but strict MILF. You are my boy & I’m introducing you to strap-on play as part of your sex education. This vid is designed to be interactive. You can lean back & stroke yourself when I’m virtually stroking you…you can put a toy in your ass when I’m fucking you with my strap-on…
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy Kink – Work Your Way to the Top

Kandy has brought her gardener indoors to test his lung capacity by serving as a human chair. She covers his face with her her plump ass and rates his performance at holding his breath; the goal being, if he impresses her, he may eventually get to fuck her, just like the pool boy! She informs the young gardener that she will not permit him to toss her should he struggle for air.
He will get a few tiny interludes to snatch a breath, but those are at her discretion only. It isn’t long before the yard boy sports a boner, and certainly he is trying his very best to last under Mistress’s ass. She sits on his face front, back and side saddle, laughing at his futile kicks and squirms as he desperately attempts to get some air.
Mistress Kandy Kink
Category: Face Sitting, Human Furniture, Smother, Queening, Ass Smothering
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