Clubdom – Michelle and Tangent’s Auction Slave 2: Tug Of Balls

Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are still putting their newest slave through trials. He must show that he is able to handle all of the abuse or else he is going back to the horrible slave farm where he came from. Michelle and Tangent want to play Tug Of Balls, a game based on Tug of War where the slaves will be pulling each other by a rope tied to each other’s balls. Tangent brings in one of Club Dom’s long-time trained slaves, walking him in by his nuts. Michelle ties him to the new slave. The game begins and the men are suffering, pulling each other in separate directions, straining through their pain to pull the other slave across the goal line. The women do not make it easy for them. They pull the men back by the rope and poke, stomp and slap their balls.
Tags: CBT, Michelle Lacy

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