Clubstiletto – Goddess Samantha – No More Screwing Around

Everyone knows that slaves are often little sluts who run around to as many Mistresses as possible to fulfill their needs. However, Goddess Samantha has a remedy for this whorish behavior: Ensure that his testicles no longer function. After all, he couldn’t very well present himself to another woman with a ball sack the size of a grapefruit, could he? Samantha proceeds to kick his nut sack with her high-heeled foot, repeatedly and with increasing force. Of course, this gives him a boner, which, he is the first to admit, indicates he’s a freak. Finally our freak gets rubber knees and collapses to the floor, where he is made to clean his ball sweat off Mistress’s shoes. What next?……Well, Goddess Samantha is also known as the Face Crusher.
Mistress: Goddess Samantha

Download file – 399.9 MB

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