Ella Kross – Kicking New Slave`s Balls In! (hard kicks)


Today I`m teaching a new slave, and the second part of his traininginvolves bashing his delicate balls in! If he`s going to serve me, he hasto be able to handle a tremendous amount of pain. As he stands nakedbefore me, I make him spread his legs and proceed to kick him directly inthe nuts while I count the blows. “Not bad for the first time,” I commentas I kick him so hard his kneels buckle. He falls to the floor in agony,and since he`s down there I make him kiss my shoes. After he rises to hisfeet, I send him falling back to the floor by kicking his swollen balls inyet again. I make him thank me for the abuse and send the loser on his way!


Download file – 273.1 MB

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