Ella Kross – Kicking This Loser`s Balls In!

Ella Kross - Kicking This Loser`s Balls In!
Ella Kross


When I catch a slave naked on my bed and masturbating while sniffing one of my shoes, his apologies simply just won`t do. No, he must be reprimanded for being such a filthy loser and I waste no time dishing out his punishment as I make him stand before me and deliver ten painful kicks to his his balls while keeping count out loud. He buckles in pain and groans in agony as I carry out his sentence, making him turn around and doling out ten more vicious blows to his nuts. I delight in his misery, laughing as I kick his crotch repeatedly, his delicate balls being smashed to oblivion by my bare feet. How much pain can this dirty jerk handle? Every time he falls to the floor in agony it`s ten more blows to his swollen balls! Ten kicks to the front and ten kicks to the back while I revel in his torment.


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