Ella Kross – Putting My Human Punching Bag to Use!

I’m shadowboxing in my back yard when I decide I need a human punching bag. Summoning a slave, I begin punching his bare stomach as hard as I can while he stands there and tries to take the pain. I pull no punches, giving it everything I got as I repeatedly pummel this loser’s abdomen. He grunts and groans, trying his best to remain tough as I deliver blow after brutal blow to his belly. You can hear by the sound of my punches that I’m not holding back as I wail on this jerk with closed fists. Maybe it’s the layer of fat protecting him, but he does a fairly decent job absorbing my vicious punches. How many hits can you count? Keep track as I continuously beat this guy! It’s my mission to make him fall to his knees, but will he?

Download file – 225.2 MB

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