Ella Kross – Urethral Cruel Sounds Play!

Ella Kross - Urethral Cruel Sounds Play!
Ella Kross


Today I`m going to punish this slave`s cock and balls in my back yard, andI get to work by sitting atop his nude body and binding his genitalstightly with rope. With a new set of solid steel urethral sounds I shove a metal rod deep into into his pee hole while he groansin discomfort, and hearing how miserable he is makes me laugh. I love knowing he`s in pain, so much so that I swap out the metal rod for an evenlarger one and use it to probe his urethra. How much of this thick metal shaft can I work into his tight pee hole? I`m about to find out, and as hewrithes in pain beneath me I shove the rod inside of him while smiling ear to ear. His pain is my pleasure! I just wants to stick them as far down as they will go!


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Download file – 17.5 MB

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