CfnmTV – The Tennis Champ`s Balls Part 1-2

PART 1: Marcus Andrews is hot property and businesses are lining up to exploit his fame to sell their products. His poor beleaguered PR agent Kimberly Ince has to try and ensure he keeps to his contracts. Not easy with someone as self-absorbed as Marcus who really only cares about how much money he can make. If he’s not careful his attitude will get him into a lot of trouble…

PART 2: It’s the end of the match and Marcus is the new Surreyfield champion – beating Andre Zivoski in straight sets. He played his best ever and is swollen with pride as he leaves the court on a high. So full of himself is he that he still doesn’t realise he forget the all-important tennis balls that he was paid to promote. The smug smile is about to be wiped off his face.

Download file – 317.5 MB

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