Subby Hubby – Parker’s Bitch Part 3: Blackmailed Fluffer

Parker is not done teaching her employer’s handsy spoiled son Toby a lesson. Her stud lover is now fucking her hard and deep with his huge cock while she forces Toby to watch with his face right up into her lover’s ass. She then makes him lick her lover’s balls while she gets fucked properly. She shows Toby that she would never be with a pathetic little spoiled small dicked loser like him and that THIS is the type of man that can pleasure her. He’s nothing more than a sissy fluffer. What a bitch. Parker is so turned on she can’t help but cum from her lover’s huge cock and her lover cums a nice huge load all over her pussy. She forces Toby to lick it all clean, after all, she WILL TELL HIS PARENTS if he does not do as she says. It tastes so awful but he has no choice.

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