American Mean Girls – Eat Garbage Cucky


You stupidly agreed that you would do anything for my attention, haha! So when I told you you have to sit outside in in my garbage can, (only to see me when I was dumping garbage on you), you had to agree. LOL. Let’s see, cat litter, rotten milk, and scraps from me and my boyfriends dinner plates. Yum Yum! You know the rules… Open your mouth, tilt your head back and beg for my garbage. Oh…I’ll be right back with something even more delicious. Yup, here I am again with the used condoms. We had such a laugh fucking knowing that you were going to have to chew on these for hours out here in the garbage can. But look on the bright side… you are getting my attention for a few minutes a day right? How many more days can you last out here?

Goddess Nikkole
Categories: Cuckold, Human Furniture


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