American Mean Girls – GIVING AWAY YOUR KEY

American Mean Girls - GIVING AWAY YOUR KEY
American Mean Girls


I gave your chastity key away to your boss. I have to admit, I had no idea he was going to be SO mean to you, haha. I mean you were a normal guy that just wanted to play a little game of “chastity key holding” with me and I guess it just got out of hand. At first it was just like, hey.. lets play a kinky game where I deny you an orgasm for a day. Then I found out you were SO much nicer to me when you are “locked up”- so I made it 2 days.Then I thought it was funny that your cock was actually in PAIN in that chastity cage so I made it 3 days…then a week!
When I told my friends about it they laughed and laughed. They were actually the ones that came up with the idea for making you to spend all your savings on expensive shoes and dresses for me! You were soooo horney and stupid… remember??? Ahh, those were the days, huh? That was before Jennifer told your boss that I had you locked up like some pathetic loser, haha!


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