American Mean Girls – Goddess Suvana – Humiliating Your Ugly Girlfriend

I have been bullying you and your girlfriend for awhile now. You are both submissive and insecure, and I sensed it immediately and pointed out MY superiority. You both sit silently as I insult you both, putting you down and laughing in your faces like the snobby bitch I am. I tell you that you would ditch your girlfriend to hang out with ME instead any day of the week- even though I treat you like absolute ! I DEMAND that you agree with me right in front of your girlfriend! The hurt look on your GF’s face makes me laugh and only makes me want to hurt her feelings MORE. I start flaunting my perfect body, and your poor girlfriend looks on, horrified- but you can’t help yourself, can you? LOL. You are totally mesmerized by me, and suddenly you’re nodding your head, agreeing to everything I say. Eventually, you agree with Me – right in front of your girlfriend – to leave your her because she’s ugly and be MY SLAVE instead. After all, you don’t need a girlfriend when you have a GODDESS!

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