American Mean Girls – Lost Bet Ballbusting Princess Carmela

American Mean Girls - Lost Bet Ballbusting Princess Carmela
Princess Carmela


You never expected me to win, haha! But I dress up in this sexy outfit and invited my girlfriends over. You know you lost the bet so get ready for the hardest ball busting of your life. You are going to me crying like a bitch as my friends take turns kicking you in the nuts. Are you ready for these boots on your ball sack??? Take a good look at these boots and get nice and hard for me because these are the boots that are destroying your nuts! You will do whatever I say… You lost the bet, bitch boy!
And guess what thats going to mean? When I say anything- I mean ANYTHING!! So I am taking you into the locker room where one of my girlfriends is a professional cheerleader and we are going to TIE YOU UP NAKED AND SPREAD-EAGLE TO THE LOCKERS SO YOU CANT MOVE! Then Im telling her and all of her hot cheerleader girlfriends that you did ALL KINDS of bad things to me! You even called me the C word! (And you HAVE to confirm my story because I am COMMANDING you to ahead of time!) So then they will all believe me 100% and they will all take TURNS kicking you SOOO hard right in the nuts!! Haha! And there will be NOTHING you can do about it!! LOL!

Princess Carmela
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