American Mean Girls – Pitiful Peasants Goddess Suvana, Goddess Raven

Goddess Suvana


This is just me and Raven sitting around as I explain to her my theory that these submissive losers are nothing but “peasants” put on this earth for the very PURPOSE of serving US. Like, its just the natural state of being, in my opinion. There are superior people (like US) and there are all these minions and lesser beings that were put here on earth simply to be USED by us to make OUR lives easier because we are the BEAUTIFUL people! And therefor we deserve to be pampered, spoiled, and live a life of luxury while the “peasants” toil and work to provide for us!
And if you are reading this, then you probably ARE one of those pitiful PEASANTS…and you KNOW you are beneath us and that your life is meant to be spent WORKING for US, don’t you!

FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Goddess Raven

Goddess Raven


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