Emma Green I Say Eat It

You do what ever the hell I tell you to do because your a man and your weak, useless and pathetic and you deserve nothing more than to be degraded at my feet and eat your own cum like a good little servant.
You are nothing more than a cum craving slut. A disgusting, dirty act for lowly little slave. The only way for you to cum is to taste the pure humiliation like a loser. This is what you deserve, remember that. So desperate to taste your own, hot, salty cum, your mouth waters in anticipation. Stroking along to pure humiliation makes your dick throb with excitement. You long to embrace your dirty ways, to swish your cum around in your mouth and let it trickle down the back of your throat as I laugh at just how weak, desperate and disgusting you are.

Download file – 244.0 MB

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