Goddess Alexandra Snow – Prisoner of War Chemical Trance

Filmed in conjunction with Bitch World and continued from []. After your time in the holding pen, you’re broken down and exposed, nearly ready to spill your secrets. When I administer the truth serum, you pretend to resist, but I know that you are on the verge of breaking. Soon, your vision begins to swim and go fuzzy, doubles and triples of me moving in front of you. I begin to purr sensually, coaxing out every scrap of information. The dr*ug is taking over, overwhelming your brain, allowing me to steamroll over your conciousness. Everything feels like a dream– good and bad colliding in washes of blurred vision and my sensual body. This is a new venture into simulated dr*ugging and interrogations with special effects that turned out amazingly well.
Categories: Mesmerize

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