Mandy Flores – #169 Gears and jammed and grinding!

Title: #169 Gears and jammed and grinding!
Mandy Flores - #169 Gears and jammed and grinding!
Mandy Flores


On my way to work and realize that I have the wrong keys and whats worse they are too my boyfriends beat up pick up truck! This is terrible! flores. I can barely drive a stick as it is and I dont think that truck will make it down the street. Its only a few miles, Im sure I’ll make it. flores. mandy. I get it and already having trouble getting the truck out of the drive way. Mandy. The steering wheel doesnt move move down and the seat doesnt move forward, I feel like a midget in this thing and because i cant push the clutch all the way in the gears are grinding and freaking me out. I stall in an intersection, grinding through every gear and panic sets as Im trying to down shift down a big hill! Will I make it!? Im going to burn this truck with my boyfriend in it if I make it home tonight!

Categories: pedal pumping, revving, grinding gears, stick shift, feet, desperation


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