Clubstiletto – Goddess Samantha – Cum or Dhye

Goddess Samantha has already trampled and face sat this guy for several hours. He is now exhausted and heavily marked up, but Samantha plants her ass on his face nonetheless. She orders the slave to jerk off and prove to her how much he loves being smothered. The ante is high: if he fails to have an orgasm, Samantha won’t get up off his face. He will be left to suffocate under her. If he does cum, then he lives. As the slave struggles under her weight, she reminds him that if he does choose to live, his life will consist of being her doormat, and nothing more. His sole purpose will be to be under her and carry her weight. Samantha gives a 15 second countdown, and lo and behold, the slave fails to cum, although he is quite erect. Well, as Goddess blithely puts it, just another victim. Indeed, the Face Crusher has struck again!
Mistress: Goddess Samantha

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