Clubstiletto – Mistress XI – Thank Me For the Privilege

Miss Xi is very curious to know what her slave’s moans will sound like muffled under her ass. She sits on his face, and in order to produce interesting sounds, smartly crops his balls. Every now and then, she permits him a snatch of air. Does he know how lucky he is to be smothered beneath her ass? It is is privilege, not a right, and lest he forget that, he gets a good cranking of the nipples as well. It is then that Miss Xi notices he sports a hard-on. The price for the privilege of being so close to her asshole? Some hard whacks on that hard dick! Soon the slave is emitting all sorts of yelps and squeals into her ass, and Mistress realizes she just found a new use for him: A vibrating chair. In fact, Miss Xi is so comfortable on his face she just might drag over that computer and Skype her boyfriend……who- of course- gets to do much more with her ass than the slave suffering beneath it!

Download file – 426.1 MB

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