Ella Kross – Smothering a Slave for My Birthday!

Ella Kross - Smothering a Slave for My Birthday!
Ella Kross


“Today I`m going to sit my perfect ass on your fucking face,” I inform the naked slave I`ve secured to my bed with rope. He mistakenly thinks he`s going to enjoy it but quickly learns it`s not nearly the fun he had in mind. “I`m going to smoosh your face and only I can decide when you can breathe and when you can`t,” I tell him as I position myself over his head. “You`re going to suffer for me… a lot,” I add as I plant myself on his face and make him smell my pussy and asshole. Pressing myself into him, I smother him as he fights for air beneath me and laugh in delight while bouncing up and down. Today`s my birthday and I`m going to spend it tormenting this poor, pathetic loser! Adding to his misery is the string I`ve wound tightly around his balls and as pain courses through his body I continue smothering him with my crotch. How long can this jerk go without air? Let`s find out!


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