Ella Kross – A scissor-hold that renders him unable to breathe

Ella Kross - A scissor-hold that renders him unable to breathe

This clip begins with me running in place, doing a few jumping jacks, andstretching my muscles to help me limber up. I need to get my blood flowingbecause I have a whole lot of ass to kick. This slave may look strong, buthe`s got nothing on me and I prove that by laying into him with a seriesof brutal jabs to his midsection. When he falls back in my bed, I quicklylock my powerful thighs around his neck and put him in a scissor-hold thatrenders him unable to breathe. With my legs clamped tightly around histhroat, he fights for air while groaning in pain as I punch him in theabdomen. I don`t know how much abuse this loser can take, and I don`treally care. I`m going to continue beating the piss out of him and he`sgoing to take it like the little bitch that he is! I sit on his face,smothering him with my crotch as I hit him in the stomach over and overagain. The pain actually seems to be turning this jerk on, his cockgrowing more erect with every passing second. “Kiss my muscles!” I demandas I flex my bicep in his face. His big dick is fully erect now, but he`llbe getting no pleasure from me. It`s pain only as I smother his face againand look gorgeous doing it! I`m one tough motherfucker, and I`ll fightanybody!

Ella Kross

Download file – 332.6 MB
Download file – 332.6 MB

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