Clubstiletto – Goddess Samantha – Tough Enough, Slave?

Clubstiletto - Goddess Samantha - Tough Enough, Slave?
Goddess Samantha loves to challenge her slaves, and this one, trapped in a floor box with his face and chest exposed, is about to find that out. She wears her soft, comfy, fluffy boots, and stands full weight on his chest and face, occasionally lifting one foot so all her body weight bears down on him from her standing leg. Samantha playfully warns her floor that being an expectant mom, she is only getting heavier and bigger by the day, so “floor” had best train himself to withstand the pressure! Next, Samantha removes her boots and tramples him bare foot, ordering him to lick her slippery feet, coated in moisturizer, and wonders aloud if she won’t slide off him! Either way, she’s gonna have to grip his skin with her toes and hold on tight! The slave is definitely doing his best to take her weight
Mistress: Goddess Samantha

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