Clubstiletto – Mistress Jasmine – Cum Between My Toes

Mistress Jasmine pays her admirers no heed, in fact, she ignores them whilst they serve her. As she busies herself with her phone, she has the slave remove her heels and worship her bare feet. He is thoroughly engrossed in the task when Mistress notices his erect dick. She takes a photo of it, then informs the slave he has permission to cum if, and only if, he can release between her toes. If he fails to do so, he will spend another month in chastity. The slave knows the opportunities to cum are rare, so when Jasmine places her foot on his cock and mushes the lube around with her toes, the slave is giving more than his best 100 percent. However, Jasmine has little patience for her minions, and tires of the foot job. She orders him to jerk himself off in 20 seconds, and he manages to do so in the nick of time.
Mistress: Miss Jasmine

Download file – 487.3 MB

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