Ella Kross – Fat Slave Properly Worships My Perfect Feet!

Standing outside in my back yard, I call a slave to my side and make the fat loser begin licking my high-heels. He hungrily mouths my shoes all over, but I’d rather make this jerk worship my bare feet. I have him take my heels off, then watch as he runs his tongue all over my cute toes. For a fat slob, he’s surprisingly gentle and delicately sucks each of my toes just the way I like it. He loves tasting my bare feet, and knows how to do it just right. When he asks for a drink of water, I dip my feet into my dirty pool and have him lap it off of me. The water drips from me feet into his mouth and he swallows every drop in between kissing my soft skin. Such a good foot worshiping slave!

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