Ella Kross – My Foot Worship Masturbation Game!

Ella Kross - My Foot Worship Masturbation Game!
Ella Kross


Today we’re going to play a new masturbation game. The rules are, when my slave worships my beautiful feet by kissing, licking, and sniffing them all over; you’re allowed to jerk your cock. However, when I tell you to stop you’re to immediately take your hands off of your dick, got it? Good! With the rules all laid out let’s begin. Summoning a slave to my side, he kneels naked at my feet and begins gently kissing my feet. That’s your cue to jerk-off, so whip that cock out and start stroking it for me! Get nice and hard as you jack it to me and now… stop! The slave’s not touching my feet anymore so you better not be stroking your cock right now. As you continue playing my game your cock aches to cum but there’s no guarantee I’ll even let you. You’ll have to watch this video and play along if you want to shoot that load of yours!


Download file – 370.0 MB

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