Ella Kross – No Rest for This Slave, Only Foot Worship!

“Do you know what you’re going to now?” I ask my slave when he sidles up next to me. I laugh hysterically when he foolishly answers with “rest?” No, you stupid slave, there will be no resting for you today! “You’re going to worship my beautiful feet,” I command, and he wastes no time getting started. He licks my sexy high-heels while I relax on my sofa and watch him work. I make him take my shoes off so he can mouth my bare feet and film the action with my phone. He sucks and licks each one of my cute, pedicured toes, eager to please his goddess and not wanting to disappoint. When he makes the mistake of nibbling on my toes, I scold him for his idiocy and send him on his way. My feet are for licking, not for biting!

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