Foot Fetish Petite – Sweaty Bed Alyssa Kayson

Foot Fetish Petite - Sweaty Bed Alyssa Kayson
Alyssa Kayson
Foot Fetish Petite


Alyssa Kayson just got back from the gym and she’s super sweaty from head to toe. She’s too tired to take a shower before crawling into bed even though she’s all sweaty, much to her husband’s dismay. When she takes off her smelly gym shoes and he gets a whiff of just how stinky they are, he suddenly changes his mind and is glad to have her sweaty self in the bed. Watch as he buries his nose in her sweaty socked feet before peeling them off and cleaning her tiny feet with his tongue. Watch him lick the sweat from her feet, sliding his tongue between each one of her toes, licking and sniffing her from heel to toe.


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