Clubstiletto – Princess Skylar – Learn How to Get Me Off

Princess Skylar is horny, and she wants her slave to get her off. Since he hasn’t yet earned the right to lick her pussy, he’s got to do it in a more labor-intensive fashion: He’s got to lick ass and use a vibrator on his Mistress. Skylar has him start with ass licking, reminding him that slaves don’t get to lick pussy, but they sure are handy to prep a girl for the arrival of her lover! Next, the slave is made to use the vibrator on her pussy, while continuing to service her ass. The slave fumbles with this multi-tasking challenge, but eventually gets it right. Skylar then tells him to jerk off while continuing to use the vibrator on her clit. Perhaps they can cum at the same time!……Well, fat chance of that. Our princess has a very satisfying orgasm seconds later; the poor slave never had a hope in hell of catching up!
Mistress: Princess Skylar

Download file – 433.4 MB

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