Clubstiletto – Subjugated By Her Shoes and Feet

Miss Xi is wearing kh7ller shoes and expects her slave to do them justice. In other words, kiss and suck, bitch! The slave certainly takes to sucking the stilettos, but he isn’t doing it properly- too much teeth. For this, he gets several hard whacks to the head from Xi’s hard shoes. Next, the slave is made to literally suck the shoes off her feet without dropping them (ie, have them remain in his mouth after they leave the foot). He succeeds the second time, and now must deal with Xi’s dainty, small feet pummeling his temples as he struggles valiantly to keep the shoe in his mouth. Afterwards, Xi rubs her feet all over his face, denying him permission to lick her toes. The only way he is going to lick them is under duress! Meaning, Miss Xi stands on his face, then shoves her foot in his mouth!
Mistress: Mistress XI

Download file – 488.4 MB

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