Ella Kros – Slave Licks Smashed Food off of My Bare Feet!

Ella Kros - Slave Licks Smashed Food off of My Bare Feet!

This slave`s just finished worshiping my feet, and although he didn`t dothe greatest job, I give him a pass since it was his first time. I`m stillgoing to humiliate the loser, though, and as he lays naked on the floorbeneath me, I sit above him and spit in his open mouth. I scold him whenhe makes the mistake of swallowing it, reminding him that I didn`tinstruct him to do that. He`s only allowed to eat my spit when I give himpermission! I peel my black nylons off one by one, then rest my bare feeton his face and make him smell them. “I`m going to use your tongue todayto clean and worship my feet for my own pleasure,” I tell him. His firstattempt wasn`t very good, but we`ll see if he`s learned anything by givingit another try. I have him lick my feet in between spitting in his mouth,then chew up some food and spit that into his mouth as well. I stomp mysnacks into the floor and make him lick the smashed remnants off of myfeet. This fat piggy does as told, using is mouth to clean the obliteratedchips off of my soles. When my feet are finally clean enough to put myshoes back on, I have him polish my floor with his tongue before sendinghim on his way. Such a loser!

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