Ella Kross – Spitting Chewed Cookies into Fat Slave’s Mouth!

In a pathetic attempt to win my favor, this slave presents me with a batch of cookies and my response definitely isn’t what he hoped for. “How dare you bring me this shit!” I yell in disgust. I point out that this fattening food is something he would eat, not me. I hit the gym every day, unlike this obese slob! I mock his flabby belly, then chew the cookies up and spit them onto the floor for him to lap up. Since he clearly loves unhealthy food, I make him eat the regurgitated cookies off of the tile like the pig that he is. I have him lay naked on his back, and as I sit over him I spit the chewed garbage directly into his mouth. I’m so used to eating clean that I can barely even stomach the taste of these sugary cookies. I feed them to him like he was a fat baby bird!

Download file – 517.6 MB

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