Strict Restraint – Split and Bent – Caddy Compson

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016
  Caddy is the closest thing to a mascot that DungeonCorp has...She's an LA girl, born of the LA fetish scene, trained by many a hearty Dom...she's a player...and she's hot...very hot...her body is and fragile...Sir Nik is methodical in his treatments as he puts her body through his own regimen of part of her body is left untouched. Read More

Perfect Slave -The Rigors of Roping – Caddy Compson

Sunday, February 21st, 2016
Perfect Slave -The Rigors of Roping - Caddy Compson Caddy Compson   This week we give you a bit more of an "inside peek" at the rigors and means that we go to in order to watch these Damsels cum like crazy...The Crew ties Caddy fastidiously in solemn silence. The silence continues until we get Ms. Compson on the bench and then she begins to giggle uncontrollably. Maybe her giggling is some type of nervous… Read More