Sensual Pain – Mar 19, 2017 Cantilever | Abigail Dupree

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
  Slave abigail is not happy to be back in this seemingly innocent compression cage. Master James has been keeping her here when she is not being used by Him (or anyone else he deems worthy) in other ways and by the looks of things, she may have started being just a bit too vocal about her discomforts. Her head positioned outside of the steel bars, she is immobilized to an even greater extent with a strict and rigid posture collar that she had just finished making to her Master's precise specifications the night before. She… Read More

Sensual Pain – Mar 12, 2017 – Abigail Dupree

Thursday, March 16th, 2017
Mb   It has been a while that slave abigail has been mentally pushed at this level of painful torment without pleasure. After the first two days in the cage, I record her slaves creed with documentary of the experience thus far as she takes some time out of the cage. This I am publishing first to show a different perspective, out of sequence reality.   It's not often that you get to see the affects of something before witnessing what caused that affect. In this video you will witness what two days of deprivation, confinement,… Read More

Sensual Pain – Mar 8, 2017 Abigail Dupree | Master James

Sunday, March 12th, 2017
  Slave Jess is fitted with an even heavier set of stocks with the added weight of a steel grid back piece and hoisted under the gallows to a squatting position. A test of endurance and muscle strength. She is finding too much relief by alternating between each leg to maintain this position so Master James pulls out the Galley Whips and goes to work on her breasts, stomach, pussy and already tender thighs. He toys with her a bit, making her think that she is finally going to be relieved of this strenuous position as he lowers… Read More

Sensual Pain – Mar 5, 2017: A Tranquil FistnRide | Abigail Dupree

Thursday, March 9th, 2017
  Sometimes, Master James will walk into my room right in the middle of a session with a client and start stroking his perfect cock and teasing me unabashedly. This, my dear friends, is a delicious view of what happens to me. Insatiable is an understatement as I slide my fist into my slick ass hole, trying not to show the discomfort on my face and failing miserably. I grab a large plug and get busy with it knowing that I want more. I back up onto the cock on the fuckpost and ride it hard and deep moaning in pleasure and getting… Read More

Sensual Pain – Feb 19, 2017 – Abigail Dupree | Jessica Kay | Master James

Monday, March 6th, 2017
  Slave jess was sent to the Sensual Pain Dungeon by her Master, to be put through a rigorous series of tests at the hand of Master James. Tests of strength, endurance, will, tolerance, honor, submission and pain. To begin, Master James has her kneeling on the slave seat and adorned with heavy, rugged stocks on her wrists and neck. Where perfection and a confident will to achieve are expected from an alpha slave like jess, she tends to forget her place and opens that mouth of hers a bit too often for her Master's liking. Master… Read More

Sensual Pain – Feb 15, 2017 – Abigail Dupree | Master James

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
  Inverted Cross and Bed O' Nails - Master James had been hard at work for the past week building and preparing an extra special set with new devices for a slave who was being sent to Him by another Master who wasn't so well equipped for this next phase of tests. Master James was to test her endurance and ultimately, her pain tolerance and strenth of mind in a fear induced environment. Unfortunately, she fell ill the night before and had to reschedule. slave abigail knew immediately what fates were standing squarely at her… Read More

Sensual Pain – Feb 12, 2017 – Morning Blowjob | Abigail Dupree

Monday, February 27th, 2017
  Screw Folgers, a great way to wake up in the morning is with a slave sucking your cock. Have a first hand look at slave abigail choking and gagging as she deep-throats my cock. You can see how much she loves the taste and feel of me sliding to the back of her throat. As she gets more and more into her duty, her big ass wiggles in the privilege of taking my cock to climax. I reward her with a load that she greedily spreads all over her face for me to see.   I love the taste of my Master's cock first thing in the morning.… Read More

Sensual Pain – Feb 8, 2017 – Scavenger Of Attrition | Abigail Dupree

Saturday, February 25th, 2017
  Steel restraints are legendary in the BDSM world for many reasons. The Scavengers Daughter restraint is one of the most painful to be in for long lengths of time. Even slave abigail, a seasoned pain and pleasure sex slave, is challenged in this Scavenger Of Attrition restraint. Of course sucking cock and anal stimulation just adds to the experience.. What type of Attrition would you spread on this sexy fuck doll in this predicament, completely at your mercy? Download: Download… Read More

Sensual Pain – Feb 5, 2017 – Abigail Dupree

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017
  Do you have a Foot Fetish? How about a sexy Domina in sheer nude pantyhose showing off her best parts for Her own enjoyment. On your knees!! It is time to worship my feet and your Mistress Dupree. A very sensual video centered around my petite, and delicious feet. Bow before me and I may just let you touch them. This video involves foot worship and a sensual tease foot job with what could be your cock, while I, Mistress Abigail Dupree, self indulge in your incessant need to see my feet. Download:… Read More

Sensual Pain – Feb 1, 2017 – Abigail Dupree

Friday, February 17th, 2017
  Anal Snakes and Colt Cocks part 2 - Ooooo I'm feeling firey tonight. And Ive got a 30 minute date with a 29 inch anal snake and a huge, delicious horse cock. I start out with the snake and insert it all the way inside of my ass up into my guts... I can't help but moan in pleasure as it works its way past every turn. Talk about getting to know yourself. I do this a few times to make sure I'm ready to take on the huge horse cock I just got in the mail. I love the huge balls on it and the dual color. I fuck it with my pussy… Read More

Sensual Pain – Jan 25, 2017 – Anal Snakes and Colt Cocks part 1 | Abigail Dupree

Friday, February 17th, 2017
  Ooooo I'm feeling fiery tonight! And I've got a 30 minute date with a 29 inch anal snake and a huge, delicious cock of a different breed. I start out with the snake and insert all 29 inches of it slowly into my ass. I can't help but moan in pleasure as it works its way past every turn.You can see by the way I look into your eyes that I'm hungrier than usual tonight. Something primal has gotten into me yet again. I do this a few times to make sure I'm ready to take on the huge horse cock I just got in the mail. What am… Read More

Sensual Pain – Jan 18, 2017 – Hardcore Cunt Annihilation ATM | Abigail Dupree

Monday, February 13th, 2017
  I'm exhausted after just watching this fully loaded fuck fest. You definitely get your moneys worth when you get a show with this crazed sex fiend. She will do pretty much anything you could imagine and then up the ante X10. In this amazing feature, Abigail begins by deepthroating a sizeable dildo and getting very wet and messy with it, dripping spit all over her tits and gagging like the hungry cock whore she is. She then adds weights to her beautifully pierced cunt lips before preparing her pussy nice and proper like...… Read More

Sensual Pain – Jan 22, 2017 – Shock Or Stocks | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Friday, February 10th, 2017
  Slave abigail has been sitting a little too pretty lately.... getting a little too comfortable in her skin...expecting a little too much from her kind and lovingly sadistic Master. Master James decides it's time to teach her a little lesson in vanity and helpless submission mixed with a little bit of entertainment for His boredom. Bound tight in leather bondage and a hideous gimp hood created by her own slave hands, slave abigail lays on a rusty bed of springs salvaged from the wrecking yard. Immobilized by rusty ankle… Read More

Sensual Pain – Jan 15, 2017 – Sharp Seduction | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Monday, February 6th, 2017
  Sharp Seduction - A Sensual Pain Studios laudatory motion picture. Master James really loves to keep me on my toes and apparently, I like to keep Him busy by being an observant slave. But just as I think I have predicted his next move, he throws me off completely and reminds me of my place. He had me get all dressed up from head to toe right before I was due to start my evening of work on camera... High heels, nude stockings, garters, dress and make-up. He called me in to the dungeon and waiting for me under the gallows… Read More

Sensual Pain – January 11, 2017 – Little Whore | Abigail Dupree

Monday, February 6th, 2017
  Daddy's lil whore is a good girl for presenting her spread asshole to him on her back, legs up and the feet on those ears as she is told. She is eager to obey by putting pretty blue beads in her asshole to stretch and prepare her for his pleasure. He orders her to 'show me your lil holes, say 'yes Sir' and spread your ass now. Such pretty lil holes. Now Abigail urges Daddy to violate her holes as she fucks her ass by backing up onto the fuck post. "Use me daddy, I want your cum inside my pussy" she begs and begs for him… Read More

Sensual Pain – Jan 8, 2017 – Tandem slave Beating | Emma | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Saturday, January 28th, 2017
  Master James and slave abigail paid a visit to their friends over at Paintoy Studios and before you know it... One thing led to the other and this lovely moment was captured. Slave Emma from Paintoy is never short on ideas in the sick and cruel torture department but when her breast bondage implements didn't work on slave abigail, she found herself in a predicament of her own. Two slaves are whipped and caned. - Sensual Pain Studios - Extreme Productions LLC Download: Download… Read More

Sensual Pain – Dec 28, 2016 Abigail Dupree | Master James

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
  I am fed up with my boyfriend and his tiny worthless cock. But I don't want to break up with him in person because of his pathetic begging and crying. So I grabbed my new man and decided to make a breakup video instead. I tell him all about how I can't stand his little pecker and how much he doesn't satisfy me and I show him what a real man looks like. I get on my knees and suck his perfect cock until its nice and hard and then I have him bend me over and fuck my ass as I continue to degrade him. What I did next in the… Read More

Sensual Pain – Jan 4, 2017 Happy Birthday Caning | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
  It is slave abigail's Birthday. Master says with a sadistic grin - "The one thing I like better than giving Birthday spankings, is Birthday cane strikes". slave abigail stands in her ballet heel trainers, screaming after every strike from the rattan and carbon fiber cane strikes. Master doesn't letup with the delivery of these fierce BDSM utensils of pain. Sensual Pain Studios - Extreme Productions LLC Download: Download file -… Read More

Sensual Pain – Dec 25, 2016 – Tack Hover Sit Test | Abigail Dupree

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017
  Quality assurance is one of the most important things to Master James... that's why he makes most of his gear by hand. However, there are several items that he uses in his craft that he simply doesn't have the time or resources to make... and that is where slave abigail comes in very handy. She loves being her Master's human guinea pig. Today, Master James needs to test out the quality of some thumb tacks he purchased for future sadistic endeavors, and what better way to test them out than with the broad side of His slave's… Read More

Sensual Pain – Dec 21, 2016 – Anal Push and Vibe | Abigail Dupree

Friday, January 13th, 2017
  Abigail Dupree is polishing her craft to become a famous solo girl pornstar. What do you think? Watch as a Master named James absolutely wrecks her holes on cam, in this fucking crazy scene. Like I need to emphasize if you are new to this girl, then you're in for a treat. If you already knows whats good, then this is what you've been waiting for. Extreme gaping, no hands pushing, stretching to the max, and making you wonder how the FUCK she does what she does. Enjoy. Download: Download… Read More