Sensual Pain – Nov 2, 2016 – Self Tie AutoEroticism | Abigail Dupree

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
  I have been tying myself up since I was a young one. I love the feeling of rough tight rope squeezing me and rubbing against my soft skin. My Master has made quite the setting for some epic self ties. I can't help but be aroused when I'm all tied up in knots. My concentration at it's peak with focusing on cemetery and my breathing gets low and intentional. By the time I'm done tying I can't help but to touch myself and bring myself to orgasm. Thankfully I was in control and left my hands free. Others wouldn't be so kind.… Read More

Sensual Pain – Oct 26, 2016 – The Visitors | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
21284274_sp_1026adupree40.jpg   A ritual can hold a potent magic.   The Visitors are coming to partake in Master James offering of slave 525-871-465 for a sexual ceremony, 'The Rites of Passage. Witness Black Snake Magic and Miss Raven Rose perform with Master James and slave Abigail in this intense dance of pleasure and pain. A maelstrom of carnal energy flows around the epicenter of slave Abigail within this ritual. She succumbs to her flesh as the play thing… Read More

Sensual Pain – Oct 30, 2016 – Femdom Anatomy 101 | Abigail Dupree

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
21276796_sp_1030adupree41.jpg   Class is in session with Mistress Dupree.   Submissives, get your pen and paper ready for a sensual class on all of her sweet spots. A sensual and educational lessons awaits. Her instructions in this are sure to be ingrained in a submissive's mind. Watch as Mistress Dupree strips and makes you wish you had more teachers like her. This video contains; stripping, sensual dirty talk, stockings, pantyhose, adult school ware, ass spreading,… Read More

Sensual Pain – Oct 23, 2016 – The Filly That Could | Abigail Dupree

Saturday, November 26th, 2016
21253943_sp_1023adupree39.jpg   Another view of this exceptional sex slave Abigail Dupree.. A nice fella instructed to her to view some 'Real' 'completely inappropriate sexual material'and some 'Fake' anime porn to play out a couple scenes for him, to help bring into some sort of reality. slave abugail is the ticket to bring such fantasies, to help cum true for others.. If you are reading this far, then your in for another close look of commentary and interactive talk… Read More

Sensual Pain – Oct 19, 2016 – EFRO in bondage censored | Abigail Dupree

Thursday, November 24th, 2016
21240799_sp_1019adupree38.jpg   EFRO in bondage is a censored Dolcett shoot - Slave Abigail is bound and displayed in butcher's twine. She readies her body for a sensual feast for the eyes and tongue. Watch as the slave prepares itself and cleanses all impurities from its body for a carnal consumption. She seasons her body for her devourer that stands before her. She will stuff herself for roasting, filling her cavities with an array of fruits and vegetables and marinating… Read More

Sensual Pain – October 16, 2016 Abigail Dupree

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
  The Odd Anal Insertion Plunge   Like all good slaves should be, slave Abigail has trained her asshole to serve her Master to his liking. Cum n watch as slave Abigail works her hole, and shows what all her voluptuous ass can devour. We will see odd insertions, that will grab your eye and not let go. Things you will see; are, large toy insertions, anal creampies, anal closeups, and a delicious ass that just wont quit. She will be inserting odd round toys, and various anal plugs, close to the size of a baseball. Watch… Read More

Sensual Pain – October 12, 2016 Abigail Dupree | Master James

Monday, November 14th, 2016
  Slave Abigail has one duty and that is to serve her Master. Come for a ride on a warm sensual ship known as their journey. Slave Abigail loves to pleasure her Master in various ways, and rimming is perfect on a dark stormy night. This sensual video is about pure service for her Master, watch as Abigail's extraordinary tongue serves. You can feel her lust come off of her in waves. While wearing her hood she is pure desire to please. Download: Download… Read More

Sensual Pain – October 9, 2016 Abigail Dupree | Master James

Monday, November 14th, 2016
  Ring The Bell   We begin this tale with Master JT guiding in his property for our viewing pleasure; His hot pain slut property, slave abigail. Shackled with ball and chain, collared in a medieval device. A heat radiates off his hands as they glide over her. We sit in anticipation as he inspects the clay he will be molding today. Her sadistic Master eager to deliver intense pain, to his property. There is no escape, for slave abigail is shackled as she is caned and whipped. The slave's tasks are to endure pain and toll… Read More

Sensual Pain – October 2, 2016 – Slaves Pleasure | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Friday, October 21st, 2016
  It's the second anniversary of Master James and slave abigail for the signing of their contract to become Master and slave. slave abigail came into the evening ritual not knowing what to expect but traditionally this occasion is celebrated with pain so she has been preparing herself for days. Master James threw her for a loop when He announced to her that she would be receiving pleasure instead. she almost didn't know what to do with this. she also knows that there is no pleasure without pain so she still braced herself… Read More

Sensual Pain – Sep 24, 2016 – Black Lipstick Defiance | Abigail Dupree | Master James

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
  This slave has been acting out against her Master's will and being defiant. There's a hissing snake inside of her that needs to be beaten out of her. Her Master ties her to the gallows and leaves her for a while so she can kick and scream some of her venom out but she still has way too much fight in her. And that mouth! She's adorned in black knee high boots, nipple clamps and black lipstick only and is fightin mad. You can tell she's a naughty slave by the bruises on her big ass. He gives her a brutal flogging until she… Read More

Sensual Pain – Sep 20, 2016 – Modern Heuristic House of Ill Repute | Abigail Dupree

Thursday, October 13th, 2016
  This is about edging and the almost non contact genital fetish imposing the psychology behind the fetish. The real face of the slave I fell in love with, a gift for you to see.. OK, this is the idea of the days of the house of ill repute come back full circle, or is still here because we, as a sociaty need this type of release. I am bridging the gap between the whore house of yesterday and the whore house of today. I have a whore that I am very proud of in more ways than I could physically explain.. I beleive in an abscurred… Read More

Sensual Pain – Sep 14, 2016 Thirsty part 1 | Rosa Rojas | Master James

Monday, October 10th, 2016
  It was such a treat having Rosa Rojas in the studio today. She walked in so put together and simply captivating with her unique expression of the woman she is. A strong, independant, self assured, Dominant Mistress with a confidence that silently commanded O⁄our attention. For the last ten years she has been feeding this part of who she is, but today, she is wanting to revisit where she first began into the world of BDSM and kink. She wants to explore her submissive side once again. It's not the easiest thing for a Dominant… Read More

Sensual Pain – Sep 10, 2016 – Slave Punishment Board Cleared | Abigail Dupree

Sunday, October 9th, 2016
  W⁄we have reached back into the archives and found one of the very first videos W⁄we recorded. It was recorded not for the intended purpose of being produced but more of a video journal for O⁄our own ability to take a look back on things. This is more of a "fly on the wall" view of one of O⁄our disciplinarian scenes and showcases a rather raw film quality. What it may lack in film quality it makes up for in a genuine and real life display of a Master and His slave. slave abigail had racked up 20 points on her infration… Read More

Sensual Pain – Sep 7, 2016 – The Branding of slave abigail Abigail Dupree | Master James

Saturday, October 8th, 2016
  The Branding of slave abigail 525 871 465 One year ago today, Master James enslaved abigail as his owned property in contract registered through The Slave Register. Was issued on the 27th day of september 2014. An anniversary commemorated by burning the skin with a hand made brand of the Master, slave pride flag on the back of the neck, marking her for life as owned. I take great pride in her as my slave and love her as mine till I no longer take breath.. Meaning of the brand - Master Slave Pride flag The single vertical… Read More

Sensual Pain – Aug 14, 2016 – Leather And Pain | Lexy Bound | Master James

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016
  Lexy Bound in Leather and Pain - Lexy Bound has been wanting to come visit Master James for quite some time now and her day has finally arrived. Her Mistress is out of town for a few weeks and has sent her little slut to us to see if she is truly ready to become the slave she claims she is ready to be. She is willing to go through anything in order to get a good report sent to her Mistress. Lexy is put into heavy metal shackles, spreader bars, chains, an extremely strict leather posture collar and leather bondage, before being… Read More