Society SM – Pushing Brittany – Brittany Shae

Friday, December 2nd, 2016
  Brittany is back, and since our last meeting, she has invested in some BDSM gear for her personal adventures...That's always nice to hear...Brittany is ready and willing to explore her sexuality...As a dominant who has watched her progress over the last year, I sculpt scenes to push Brittany's experience farther than before...She has a slight fear and excitment surrounding being suspended, so after a day full of tight bondage and BDSM, we conclude with her lovely body in a naked, spread, inverted, suspension. … Read More

Society SM – Screams and Growls – Hollie Stevens

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
  In all the years and all the times we have shot Hollie, I have never worked with her...And I was looking forward to it...Another juggernaut submissive to unleash myself upon...Newbies are fun, but it is truly a pleasure to Dom models like Hollie...the vibe is calm and mellow as I blindfold her for the end of that scene, Hollie is hanging from her wrists in a state of anxiety....and that's where I keep her...You have to realize that Hollie is not a small and fragile woman...her stature is as impressive as is… Read More

Society SM – Anxious in Bondage – Alex Blake

Friday, November 4th, 2016
  Angel faced babes in bondage always draw a crowd, and this angel faced babe has quite a body too, and an amazing pink pussy that seems entirely brand new in appearance...Sweet eighteen year old, Alex Blake has never faced being bound and helpless before, and it shows...especially on her face...She seems to have been born into a sexually submissive personna, and we prove that on this day...She knows her place, she knows what she is here for, and it excites her, and scares her, as it should...This type of beauty is rare....controlling… Read More

Perfect Slave – Helping Hands – Nicki Blue

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
  Ms. Blue finds herself tied to the bench. She creams and moans as the vibe purrs between her legs...Despite her struggles, it is glaringly obvious that she is enjoying this experience. We watch her grind her pussy down and her hips gyrate as she cums...Ms. Nefarious enters the scene and offers Nicki a helping hand...She clothes-pins Nicki's pouty nipples and the tension builds...Nicki screams as the pins are quickly… Read More

Society SM – I Just Love the Bitch – Cherry Torn

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
  I've rambled on before about the wonders of Cherry Torn, so I'll keep it short...she's super beautiful, ultra tough and sticky sweet...She throws on a leopard print outfit and the entire crew is drooling...including me...especially me...I wanted to really relax for a moment and just look at her...we have her bend over and finger her own ass hole, then I blindfold her and direct her to strip...slowly...She seems a bit humiliated and giggly, but she locks herself into submission and focuses on the task...and gives a great… Read More

Society SM – Sadistic Whims with Amber – Amber Faye

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016
  Sleek and sexy Amber Faye offers herself up for our sadistic whims, with very little idea of what sadistic whims are...She never imagined someone might enjoy tying her up and shocking the bottoms of her feet, but today she meets that person...Feenix is all too happy to give Amber her first dose of BDSM and he gives her a wide range of new experiences...Sweet Amber just isnt sure how to act when he is punishing her, but she lights up quite nicely when she feels pleasure in her pussy... Read More

Society SM – Bodacious Bailey Bratty In Bondage – Bailey Brooke

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
  For Bailey's first shoot, she showed her very submissive side, but that is only one side of this exquisite creature...She chose a somewhat bratty path on this occasion, and I found it every bit as much fun, and even a bit more challenging....It's sometimes nice to feel the conflict of a non-submissive masochist pushing back against the dominant's will...With Bailey, it only lasted so long, and by the 3rd scene, her attitude and behavior take a noteworthy turn...another arousing update featuring this luscious babe. … Read More

Society SM – So Sexy in Bondage – Sydney Cole

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
  The incredibly sexy Sydney Cole sits on the floor, tied up in her panties, and I revel in the process of manhandling another newbie...but not just another newbie...Sydney is fucking beautiful...The eyes, the mouth, the lips, and her amazing body are all mine today...The bondage is restrictive and in the final scene, I hang her by her ankles...She endures every scene without complaint, in total submission as I pleasure and punish her for her beauty...She knows she deserves it. Read More

Society SM – The Newbie Toy – Mya Mays

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016
  Mya has dreamed about being tied up, but the notion of pain never really filtered through those fantasies...She bravely steps forward to subject herself to Feenix's version of BDSM, and discovers how truly uncomfortable many of the activities feel...Her reactions are very sincere and border on complete surprise, none of them being more sincere than when she loses control of her pussy and wets our floor on… Read More

Society SM – My Little Bondage Toy – Nicole Bexley

Sunday, September 25th, 2016
  As soon as Nicole left, after her first shoot, I was ready to own her again...her entire body, and I dare say her entire existence is nothing but a sex toy...a tease that pays off...a willing submissive who enjoys suffering...and that body, covered in perfect skin, athletic and curvy, has me drooling as I type...My pleasure, on this day, was all about seeing her suffer...she makes such adorable faces and reacts to every sensitive manipulation...she squirts on every orgasm, leaving a mess in the dungeon, and for that, I make… Read More

Society SM – Lily in Bloom – Lily Rader

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

  Lily has quickly become a top notch bondage model...Not only is she gorgeous, she loves BDSM and her position as a submissive...I step up the intensity to see if Lily can hang, and she never waivers, even when she is literally hanging...I hoist her up into a strict hogtie suspension in the second scene after warming up her tender pussy in the first....I leave no area of Lily's precious body untouched...Her feet, her nipples, her ass, her back, her pussy...they are all my objects today and I give them all plenty of attention.… Read More

Society SM – Testing the Newbie – Karly Baker

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016
  Karly is a total newbie and someone without much of a kinky past, but she is ready to give it a go, just as I notice that she has braces on her teeth...I think that really shows just how new this young woman is...,at least it sunk the point home to me fairly quickly...Simon was uneffected and gave Karly his version of the introductory session...Karly does well to endure, and feels the intense pleasure of the bound orgasm, as well as the sting of dissappointing Simon's directives...but… Read More

Society SM – Molly Mae – Beast Punishing Beauty

Thursday, September 1st, 2016
  Molly has visited us before, but I never got the chance to dominate her. I did get to drool over her fine tits and ass, and was charmed by those blue eyes and perfect smile, but no hands on and no control...But on this visit, she is mine and looking hotter than ever, I might add...I revel in her helplessness...Groping her body with impunity is glorious...She is kept in tright bondage, leaving little room to struggle as I perform my devious duties...She will confess to me...I like to make them confess...and Molly is as guilty… Read More

Society SM – Moaning and Screaming – Belle Noire

Monday, August 29th, 2016
  Belle is back at SocietySM and I keep it simple as I ramp up the intensity...She knows the ins and outs of BDSM and she knows that scenes get tougher as you come back for more....The tight ropes keep her in place as I explore her body with impact of every sort...Belle's ass is always an endearing and endruing target...Her tight little pussy is given more attention than it is used to and Belle moans and screams her way through multiple orgasms. Read More

Society SM – The Worst I Can Be – Sindee Jennings

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016
  I was out for a few shoots there, and I was ready to sink my meathooks into some tender young flesh...metaphorically...I guess it's a good thing we had Sindee Jennings booked...she ended up being able to tolerate one of the toughest series of scenes that I've ever put together...I didn't really know her well at all...I knew she was a squirter, but I didnt know how far I would be able to go with her...So, it was a very good day...I discover in the first scene how submissive she is as I direct her into positions...she moves… Read More