Femdom Empire – Chanel Preston – Silicone Pussy Torture

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016
  Mistress Chanel has had her slave locked in chastity for so long that he is completely desperate for release..and pussy! Except he should know by now that slaves don't get pussy especially those that constantly beg for it. To teach him a lesson Mistress Chanel makes him even more frustrated by slipping his wet… Read More

Humiliatrix – Beg to Worship Goddess Selena in her Sexy Lingerie

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
  "Get down on your hands and knees, with your drool face and your dribbling cock and you demonstrate to me who owns you. Put your lips around my spike heel and show me how bad you want to be my little bitch. Kiss my ass like the unworthy slave you are. Beg to pump your worthless little pecker for me..."   Goddess Selena, dominant mistress, tease and denial, ass kissing, humbled slave... … Read More

Femdom Empire – Kristina Rose – Chastity Nightmares

Monday, August 22nd, 2016
  It’s one thing to have your cock locked in a cage but it’s a whole different problem when Mistress Kristina Rose is holding the key. Kristina has become the new Queen of humiliation as her pathetic excuse for a man is put in his place by being teased, denied and ridiculed for being the lowly slave that he is.… Read More

Humiliatrix – Squish Your Snout in the Crack of Princess Remi’s Schoolgirl Tights

Sunday, August 14th, 2016
  "When I finish my classes nothing is more relaxing than taking a few minutes to sit on the face of my pathetic sugar daddy. So close to my hot pussy, to keep you in a state of false-hope arousal for your darling princess. Take a good sniff, sugar daddykins, as I wiggle around and smush my cheeks on your snout..."   Princess Remi, cruel butt tease, translucent tights, no panties, tease and denial... Read More

Femdom Empire – Riley Reid – Swell in your Cage

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016
  Riley Reid is a cruel tease, she is going to make this bitch squirm with her tease & denial games. His cock is stuffed in a metal chastity cage, Riley wants to see is cock swell in the cage. The more uncomfortable his erection is, the more fun she is having.   Featuring: Riley Reid Categories: Chastity,… Read More

Humiliatrix – Bikini Brat Missy Teases You with Her Sexy Shoes and Tiny Toes

Monday, June 6th, 2016
  "It's hilarious how fast I can make your boner snap to attention for me. It's like snapping my fingers. All I have to do is saunter in from the pool in my bikini, cross my legs, kick off my high heels, and make a couple of snarky faces as I rub my toes under your nose to make your boner start to sputter in your dork pants..."   Princess Missy, bikini brat, tease and denial, shoe fetish, leg worship, toe teases... … Read More

Femdom Empire – Kylie Kalvetti – Total Orgasm Ruination

Sunday, June 5th, 2016
  Slave balls deserve punishment, and Mistress Kylie wants to thoroughly ruin this slaves orgasm. She uses a mixture of pleasure and pain to keep him on edge. She starts by putting his balls in a vice, clamped down nice and tight while she strokes his hard cock. She runs his finger against his cock head which is so hard and swollen.… Read More

Femdom Empire – Mia Malkova’s Chastity Gimp

Sunday, June 5th, 2016
  Mistress Mia loves to tease and deny her slaves of pleasure while she uses them for her own needs. Encased in latex and strapped down helplessly, her… Read More

Humiliatrix – Princess Tessa Bruises You Against the Bars of Your Chastity Cage

Friday, June 3rd, 2016
  "How long is it going to take me to tease you to your hands and knees? Until you're a jiggling mass of jelly, a pity puddle at my pretty toes, huffing and panting in your chastity cage for a head pat or a tickle under your chin with my long red nails. Look at you. Desperate and drooling for Tessa. Again. Just the way I like you..."   Princess Tessa, tease and denial, body worship, call and response loser trance... … Read More

Femdom Empire – Jojo Kiss – You Will Never Fuck Me

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
  Mistress Jojo loves keeping male bitches in chastity, teasing them with her sexy body while denying them release. Jojo makes her slave confess how much he wants to fuck her, how much he would love for her to put his cock in her mouth - just to laugh at how pathetic he is. Jojo tells her bitch in no uncertain terms that he is nothing… Read More

Subby Hubby – Niaomi Mae – College Sister Part 2: A Humiliating Fuck

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016
  Sister Niaomi is so excited to be bossing around her brother and making him her bitch. Since their parents are away for the weekend, she has lots of time to continue his torment. His dick is so small and pathetic he would never be able to please her with that tiny thing. So instead she decides to force him… Read More

Humiliatrix – Your Dominant Boss Akira Takes Control of Your Cock and Cumloads

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016
  "As your boss, I control you. I tell you when to work, when to eat and when to CUM. Oh, yes. I see the way your little peepee pokes up in your pants at my cleavage and sexy legs. I can't have you distracted at work, so we will start each day with you filling your doggie dish with all your puppy squirts. For me. Just like this..."   Cougar Akria, dominant boss, office humiliation, tease and denial, cum commands... … Read More

Humiliatrix – Selena Grinds on Your Cucky Cage Before Fucking Her Man

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016
Humiliatrix - Selena Grinds on Your Cucky Cage Before Fucking Her Man   "My new boyfriend is going to give me a good hard fucking tonight, just the way I like it. And what are you going to do, cucky? First you're going to fluff my pussy for him as I grind my pantyhose ass all over your face and caged cock. Then? You get to cry the cucky precum tears while he takes my pussy and fucks me...."   Goddess Selena, male chastity, ass worship, pussy fluffer, tease and denial... Read More

Humiliatrix – Cruel Kendra Releases You from Chastity to Humiliate You in Bed

Friday, March 25th, 2016
Humiliatrix - Cruel Kendra Releases You from Chastity to Humiliate You in Bed   "Does it make you ache in your chastity cage, seeing me in the honeymoon lingerie I wore to seduce your daddums? Are you jealous, listening to me moan for him, unable to even touch yourself? Aw. Poor baby wants his chance in the big bed. Well, here, I'll unlock you from chastity, sweetie... to humiliate you..."   Miss Kendra James, lingerie seduction, tease and denial, taboo humiliation... Read More

Femdom Empire – Vanessa Cage – Steel Caged Cock Teasing

Friday, March 18th, 2016
Femdom Empire - Vanessa Cage - Steel Caged Cock Teasing   Mistress Vanessa Cage has had her slave's cock locked in a merciless steel cage for 28 days now, just two short of the 30 he needs to endure to gain a possible release. Of course, Vanessa enjoys hearing him beg for an early release while playing with his… Read More